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Vim Black – A Satire That Drives Home A Hard-Hitting Message

| Published on December 12, 2022

Doing dishes may seem like a routine and uninteresting chore for many. Even in this modern age, it is still looked upon as a feminine task. In most Indian houses, this duty is assigned to the lady of the house or the maid.

However, one brand that is aiming to change the notion is- VIM. The brand has launched a sassy campaign with hilariously sarcastic ads and the iconic Milind Soman. VIM is trying to change the narrative of- It’s not just a woman’s job!

The campaign aims to normalize a man’s role in washing dishes. It is quirky and genius!

VIM came up with the idea of a product launch that was intended to fuel the intrigue of the target audience- ‘Men’ in this case.

Generally, the color ‘black’ denotes a macho appeal. And to attract the audience, this color has been used to generate curiosity in the audience’s mind.
Vim Black - A Satire That Drives Home A Hard-Hitting Message

But hold on! This wasn’t any product launch per se. The reason being, that the product was the same, but it was just presented in a new avatar.

The Ads

The biggest surprise came in the garb of every 90s kid’s crush- Milind Soman.


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The ad has the hunk and the man with Greek God looks in the gym, urging the audience to use this liquid gel after one gymgoer talks about (read bragging) helping his mom in doing dishes the previous night. To this, he is given a sink full of dishes and a bottle of the VIM Black liquid.

This video is minimal, sharp and conveys its point subtly with a curt message in an impressive manner.

Other TVCs are giving a similar message such as the male commuter who successfully availed a ladies’ seat in a crowded bus just because he bragged about helping his wife in doing the dishes.

Similarly, another young lad caught in a road offense is appreciated by the traffic police as he wants to help his mom in doing the dishes.

All of the above ads simply show how society still associates a job as easy as dishwashing with females and applauds all those men who do it even once and keep bragging about it too.

The makers have subtly incorporated a narrative that bragging about helping with the dishes at home is not cool. Dishwashing is not a gender-based job. And men in specific do not deserve any kind of special mention or applause for doing it either. The whole campaign conveys this point in a sardonic manner.

The Last Disclosure

The campaign highlighted the use of ‘Black Packaging’, to attract the male audience. However, apart from that, nothing was new about the product. It was the same liquid in a regular VIM Dishwash gel bottle or pack, that filled the Black bottle too.

Secondly, the motive behind the campaign was not to make doing dishes easier for men- but to make them do the dishes in the first place.

This talks volumes about VIM wanting to make a difference and change perspectives when it comes to the distribution of household chores and addressing the stigma around the same.

A sarcastic approach that leaves a poignant message with a hint of humor- This campaign by VIM is surely hitting the right note.

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