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Valentine’s Week Calls For Rise In Demand & Price Of Roses

| Published on February 14, 2022

The season of love is here, it’s the Valentine’s Day today and people are going all out of the way to surprise their special ones with gifts, chocolates and the most relevant thing, a bouquet of roses!

The sale of roses in the market has taken a leap with the arrival of V-Day thereby leading to an overall increase in the demand and price of it. It is not only due to the Valentine’s day but also since the wedding season is here, people definitely are looking forward to roses and flower decorations for making their special day all decked up and beautiful. One of the major reasons behind the rise in demand is the relaxation of the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic by the government which has led to the grand openings and celebration of events especially during the wedding season.

Valentine's Week Calls For Rise In Demand & Price Of Roses

According to reports, last year during the valentine’s week there was a sale of 4.25 lakh rose stems, whereas this year it has reached to a sale of 5.50 lakh stems which has also led to the rise in the price as compared to the last year. Due to the strict COVID restrictions, last year the sale and demand were affected to a large extent.
Source: International Flowers Auction Bangalore Limited

Members of various trade bodies stated that there has been a rise in demand not just in the domestic market, but also in the international market. There are 40 varieties and colors of roses, of which four to five are most in demand during the Valentine week, according to the traders. The Taj Mahal variety is the highest in demand, which is dark bright red in color, in fact of the total 5.50 lakh stems sold so far, 2.5 lakh are of Taj Mahal variety. Of these, 1.5-1.9 lakh are for Valentine’s Day and the rest for other decoration purpose, followed by the Hot Spot variety coming next on the list.

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