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This Valentine’s Meet Couples Who Are Building Successful Empire Together

| Published on February 13, 2019

Another Valentine’s Week is here with couples promising each other to stay together forever but some are on a journey to step out from the cliché’d ‘I Love yous.’

There are couples who instead promise to become amazing work partners’ and thus build an empire together. Time really changes everything. The time has come when founders build a business with their significant other. Let us look at such start-ups who are doing great with all the love and business:

CashKaro – Swati and Rohan Bhargava

Swati and Rohan Bhargava are the founders of which is one of India’s largest cashback and coupons site. It is a one-stop destination for savings across 1,500+ e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc.

Swati recalls the days when she and her husband met at the London School of Economics. They both believed in the idea of CashKaro and the potential of the Indian market for their product gave them the confidence to go ahead with the company.

Rohan was into product development and tech, while I liked marketing and social media. We also didn’t have any ego issues working together. We knew we’d make a great team. Having the trust that couples have and bringing that into our business helped us a lot.” Says, Swati

They have always believed in giving each other enough space to voice their opinions. The couple plans for a nice dinner this valentines and wishes ti never stop experimenting and believing in one another.

ViralCurry – Garima Juneja and Gaurav Mishra

Launched six years ago, Garima Juneja and Gaurav Mishra are founders of ViralCurry which provides complete branding and social media solutions for companies that seek to create a strong online presence.

Garima recalls how she and Gaurav started freelancing during their final year of college. She used to do content writing and Gaurav was a techie with designing skills. Freelancing gave her the confidence to take up new projects but it took her long time to find opportunities.

Garima shared how she took the decision of launching a startup a night before she was to take up an MNC job. Fortunately, it all turned out for the better. Lenskart was their first client. They worked on rebranding it and their TV commercial.

The one thing that has kept them going and strong amidst the clashes was ‘listing out the pros and cons of the matter individually and choose the most logical way forward.’

Cradlewise – Radhika and Bharath Patil

Radhika and Bharath Patil are the parents of Cradlewise, a start-up that considers child-play to be serious business and are a team of engineers having solutions for infant care.

As a mother, I found that I was facing a lot of challenges. Being efficient at work and being energetic at home was really difficult. Even my friends had similar problems.” This was Radhika’s motivation when Cradlewise happened. Her husband joined her a year later and was a constant support.

At times of disagreements, they take over 100 percent on what adds value to the start-up and sometimes takes up innovative plans for the execution of a plan. Paying respect to their mentors, Radhika quotes, “When we are unable to really choose which path to take, we approach our mentors. They’ve guided us in many cases.

We wish these inspiring couples All the very best for the future endeavors. You are doing great. Keep inspiring the youth with the new definition of Love.

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