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UP Police Promoted Road Safety With A Creative Friendship Day Post. Twitter Is Loving It

| Published on August 4, 2019

Friendship Day is a great occasion for brands to connect with audience. Such events are celebrated on social media with creative posts to deliver messages that connect with the real-life of audience and this year brands did the same with their campaigns. You can take a look at some of the best here

Like brands, government authorities are also becoming active on Twitter because they know that modern audience learns things in their own language. This is the reason why Moment Marketing and Meme Marketing are becoming the new trick for government authorities to spread a social message.

This friendship day, the Uttar Pradesh police took to Twitter and posted a message, reminding the users of some very important friendships.

The photo shared by the UP Police has an image of car seat and belt and a bike with a helmet. The message that was given with the pic read, “Keep these best friends together”.

The caption read,

“A friendship for keeps”.

Here is the tweet:

Twitter users liked this initiative of the UP Police and praised them for their creativity. Check out some of the selected tweets:






We can’t deny the fact that many people lose their lives due to road accidents and a number of lives can be saved if traffic rules are followed properly. Such initiatives can help a lot in raising awareness for such issues.

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