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These Unique Indian Startups With Ideas That Will Blow The Market In 2017

| Published on July 12, 2017

Startups are the new trends. It’s a fast growing business in world now and thus India too is blooming everyday with Startups having unique ideas and mindset.

Today we will show you some most innovative startups in Indian market that will surely grab the audience with their different outlooks in 2017. Are you ready?

1. ClearTax

Clearing Tax is a hectic job whether online or standing in a queue. But gone are those days. This platform is already popular among masses due to its services for tax payment online. 1.5 million Indians file taxes by this app. It has become popular with businesses and is used also by at least 10,000 accountancy firms. With Tax to come on in June this app would hit new popularity in market for sure.

It is looking forward to significant number of 8 million entities to climb on to the GST Network platform.

2. Iqlect

It’s a data analytics startup that helps detecting frauds with its product named Amperes. They look forward o join hands with bank and other payment consultancies as India is becoming dependent on electronic transactions. They presently provide services to NxtGen and Cisco.

3. Nestaway Technologies

This helps in bachelor accomodation. Accomodation is a huge problem as one shifts from one place to another, specially for younger generations who shift for jobs and colleges. The company gets home owners living elsewhere to rent their apartments at a premium and ensures them timely payment. They only receive small rent as commission.

4. Udaan

They simplify business of online buying and brand promotions. They are the only startup to have raised 10 million dollars before even starting. As retail market in India is expected to grow by 700 million by 2020, this platform eyes to grab tHe market with likes of Amazon, Alibaba and many more.

5. Axio Biolsolutions

Have you heard about miracles? Well, this startup exactly does miracle to your wounds. They are a biochemical startup that makes biomaterial called chitosan, extracted from shellfish, to make a sponge-like dressing that stops bleeding within minutes. They have Indian Armed Forces, the Border Security Force, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Apollo Hospitals and St John’s Hospital as their clients. This year they are eyeing to spread business in Europe and Africa too.

6. Indus Os

Confused about which smartphone to buy? Well Indus Os can help! With the smartphone market growing each day, this platform has every information that you need to know. They feature mostly local and small brands. 50 smartphone models, including those of Micromax, Intex, Karbonn and Celkon are featured and they have 6 million users both in India and Bangladesh. They will launch Indus OS 3.0 in market this year and also join hands with Chinese brands!

7. Zest Money

They offer online e-commerce sites customers to pay at monthly installments. They feature almost 35 such sites and is backed by Ebay. This year they are looking to join hands with PayU and also stretch their business.

8. ShareChat

This one is very interesting. Using this platform user can transform and create any content in their preferred language and share in any other platform like WhatsApp. ShareChat has 400,000 daily users and as many as Indian local languages. With almost 5 million subscribers they look to grow to 25 millions by adding more local dialects and languages.

9. Infusion Beverages

Three Jaipur students started this and got a funding of Rs.3 crore. Their aim is to make flavoured water without adding any kind of preservatives. The drinks are without soda and sugar and they were declared champions in entrepreneurship competitions at IIT-Kanpur and IIM-Indore . They are on their way of growing and looking nowadays how people are health conscious they will surely be a hit in market! They are just school students.


10. Pharmeasy

As the name depicts, they take medicines and diagonistic services at your door step. They deliver medicines in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune, Ahmedabad and Jaipur. As e-pharmacies are expected to grow in future in India this unique startup eyes to stretch services in other towns too like Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune!

Do you also have some ideas? Go ahead and make that happen! Who knows even your name can be someday among Top 10!

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