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Unicorns To Camels; Learn About The ‘Animal Kingdom’ Of Startup World.

| Published on November 28, 2022

The world has witnessed a huge shift toward the startup culture. Entrepreneurs have been introducing new ideas into the market and turning them into successful business prospects.

Earlier it used to take years for companies to come to a break-even point. But today, with the help of funding, startups turn up to be billionaires in no time.

Startups turning ‘Unicorn’ is one of the basic things that we hear nowadays. Unicorn is a term used for startups that have a valuation of $1 billion or more.

Another common term for a startup is Cockroach. Now a Cockroach startup is one that keeps on surviving despite the struggles of not getting any new investments. They are basically self-sustainable.

But these are not the only kind of startups. Here are some more names of startups that you may not have heard of before.

1. Zebra

As the term signifies, a Zebra is a startup that has aim to help society first. These startups pick up on any societal problem and aim at helping to solve it making a profit at the end of it. Unlike a Unicorn, Zebra’s focus is always on quality than on quantity.

2. Rhinos

Startups that have some of the most amazing products are sure to rule the market and have a price-to-price earning of more than $1 billion called Rhino startup. While Uniconrn’s main aim is to become profitable soon, Rhino tends to become a bigger and more stable brand. Profit is something that is sure to come later on.

3. Camels

Camel is a desert animal that is known to survive for days without water. Similarly, a Camel startup is a startup that does not have the need to be infused with cash and investment on a regular basis. These startups tend to stay for the long haul in the market with a product or a service that serves a critical need.

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