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2 minutes read

Uber’s Reply On Walking Buddy Option Goes Viral On Social Media

| Published on January 20, 2020

Uber has always been trying to up the game and prove that they really are different from the rest.

But recently, a very interesting post was shared on Twitter. A Twitter handle by the name @JReneex, shared a screenshot of her Uber app, showing an option of a walking buddy. When she saw what the cheapest option was, she could not believe and took to Twitter.

The post, by all means, went viral and people were reacting with hilarious tweets. And boy were they witty!

Things got even funnier when Uber joined the bandwagon and commented about their walking buddy.

What’s the truth?


So now the point is that does Uber really offer such an option on its app? Well, the location in the screenshot shared is of LaGuardia Airport, which is situated in New York City. A quick search on Uber’s website for car types available in the area revealed that it has no option called “walking buddy”.

No matter the facts behind the story, the tweets shared were surely entertaining and helped UBER gain attention on social media.

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