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When UberEats Refreshed 90s Memories By Recreating Cadbury, Dhara, Nirma Ads

| Published on August 26, 2018

The 90s was a time when spending summer holidays meant visiting relatives places and enjoying delicious food and watching our favorite TV shows. Situations change with life and nothing remains same but the change world has seen in past few years is something beyond anyone expected.


Life of 90s had amazing advertisements which are present in the memories of most of the millennials. UberEats in its in latest campaign ‘Purane prices, naya app’ has tried to refresh those memories by recreating the famous ads of popular brands including Cadbury, Dhara, and Nirma.

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The campaign was focused to promote the discounts and offers UberEats is providing and the company wants to convey that those old days are back as food ordered on UberEats is available at prices of the 90s. It can also be seen as a tribute to the three most iconic advertisements of 90s era.

The dance of Cadbury girl, jalebi boy Parzaan Dastur and Deepikaji’s paar ki nazar can make anyone feel nostalgic and UberEats is giving them a new reason to smile about their childhood. Not only in terms of emotions, these ads are hit in the number of views they are generating also. People are happy to share and comment on relatable content and UberEats is enjoying the success of this campaign.

You can watch the old ads below:

Dhara ad

Cadbury milk and Cricket

Nirma ad

Now have a look at the new versions:

The Flatmates

Along with using a similar jingle, storyline and dialogues, ‘The Flatmates’ video shows the original Jalebi boy, Parzaan Dastur who has grown-up now and his problems have also changed.

The Classroom

The second ad pays a tribute to the famous Dairy Milk TVC with ‘Kuch khaas hain’ tune. The girl has been shown as a student who is loving online food delivery service on Uber Eats.

The Office

The third ad showcases a office-going ‘Deepikaji’ who picks newer, more affordable Uber Eats options over the alternatives.

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