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3 minutes read

Uber Driver Waits For 1.5 Hours For 2 Female Passengers At 1 AM Till They Get Home Safely

| Published on October 16, 2018

Internet is full of stories containing females complaining about male cab rivers and they make them feel uncomfortable. It seems like we have made the image of cabbies very dark and to see the other of this today we are sharing an incident which is winning hearts of everyone.


If we believe Twitter threads, an Uber cab driver named Santosh dropped off a mother-daughter duo at their destination at night. But he didn’t leave from the place for over an hour as the gate to their residence was closed and for some reason, they were not able to access it.

Twitter user Priyashmita Guha tweeted about this and soon the driver caught the attention of Internet users.

He even refused to pick up next passenger who had booked a trip because he felt that leaving two women alone in the middle of the night is not the right option.

Here are some replies praising the driver:

A story of hope in a transactional world

We need people like him.

This restored my faith in Humanity again.

Uber must convey the accolades to him.

After knowing the whole thing, even Uber came to praise him.

We feel that in this world full of negativity, such stories need to be shared to maximum people as it gives a ray of hope to people who believe that everyone is bad. Having said that, respect to Santosh for this.

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