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Uber Driver Goes On A Ride Without Customer. What Happened Next Is Hilarious

| Published on July 22, 2018

We often hear complaints about cab drivers taking the long route before reaching us and making us wait. Sometimes it becomes a difficult task to explain them how and where to reach. A funny incident is going viral in which a Mumbai citizen named Preshit Deorukhkar shared on Twitter that his Uber driver started the ride long before he picked him up.

Uber Driver Goes On A Ride Without Customer. What Happened Next Is Hilarious

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On July 19, 2018, Preshit had booked a cab from the Uber app. After sometime, he came to know that the driver began the drive without picking him. Hi, your 1-trip driver has started the trip without arriving at the location. His phone isn’t reachable. What do I do? he wrote on Twitter.

It was the first day of the driver with Uber and it turned into a drastic experience for Deorukhkar. He decided to check if the driver reached to pick him after a detour and continued to track the journey online.

Enjoying the whole incident, Deorukhkar tried to take a jibe at the driver. He brought to the attention of Uber that the driver had no proper name on the app and only went by ‘P’.

He continued posting screenshots of the journey using funny captions. “Pickup was in Malad West. Driver has now reached the edge of north Mumbai. I’m assuming he has to dump something in the khaadi,” he wrote.

Things got interesting as he was in the mood of mocking the driver in a funny way. “There’s got to be some major stash buried here, right? Gold? Drugs? Arms and ammunition?” the rider tweeted.

After completing the journey, the cab driver cancelled the drive but with a payment of Rs 857.43.

Uber responded and said to him that the company will refund the full trip fare within next 3-5 days. However, it didn’t apologise for the incident.

Deorukhkar’s tweet made users to raise their voice against Uber and some took the benefit of the occasion by entertaining others.

Same had happened with me.

Amazing sense of humour buddy

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May be he was a Avenger.

All we need to do is look forward.

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