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Uber Auto Driver Found Guilty Of Misconduct- Asks A Mumbai Woman “Drugs Or Men”

| Published on December 20, 2019

There is no doubt we are failing as a nation to provide a secure environment for our women.
In another horrific incident on Tuesday night, a 29-year-old Mumbai resident had to face a horrific experience after she booked an Uber Auto to get home. She booked the autorickshaw from a popular pub in Bandra West to reach her residence, but things didn’t happen as it was expected.

She called the driver to ensure whether he had the right location, but the driver asked her something that she could not understand. She asked him to repeat, and after a couple of times, she realised that the driver was asking, “Drugs laaoon ya ladke (‘Should I get drugs or men’)?”
The woman who was confused, asked the auto driver what he was talking about, to which he replied, “Kitne aadmi laau (‘How many men should I get’)?”
Still unsure about what was happening, the woman asked if she was speaking to an Uber driver or someone else. The driver replied in Hindi saying, “Aren’t you the girl in the blue top standing outside the pub? Just tell me how many men you want me to bring.”

And now she was terrified. She immediately cancelled her ride and narrated the whole incident to her friends who were with her at the time. Her friends dropped her home. After reaching home, she filed a complaint with Uber and also tweeted about the incidence.

Uber’s Response

Uber responded to her tweet on Twitter and by mail as well to her official complaint. She also received a call from Uber on Wednesday.

In a conversation with The Hindu, women told, “The emails were pretty generic; two from the support team and one from the social media team. On the phone, the person apologised and told me he was horrified that I had to go through this. He assured me that Uber always does background checks on everyone, and he will ensure that this driver will not serve with them ever again.”
But she said she is still considering filing a police complaint in connection with the matter.

Article Source: TheHindu

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