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UAE Is Paying Indian Teachers 10 Times More. See Why

| Published on April 25, 2019

UAE government schools to pay Indian teachers 10 times more 

Money is never a problem when it comes to UAE and proving this yet again the Emirati government has rolled out a recruitment drive to attract teacher from India offering 10 times more pay. 

The drive is reportedly set to hire for nearly 3,000 vacant positions, attracting a large chunk of candidates to attend its open days in Mumbai and Delhi. It includes assessment of potential candidates via written examinations and interviews.

The reported salaries of the hired Indian teacher is expected to be Dh.16,000 (Rs. 3,04,017) per month which is 10 times more than the average salary in India as per the experts. 

Considering the importance of the family the country will also introduce new visa guidelines for the family members for foreign as well as Indian citizens working in UAE, fulfilling the income standards. 

“We’re now at the stage that people have been getting the offers after the interviews, and they’ve been very slow in giving their documents, because they’re still thinking it’s too good to be true,” a Dubai based newspaper The National reported citing Roddy Hammond, the founder and CEO of World Teachers Recruitment.

According to a recruitment firm conducting the drive, they shares that it wad indeed a challenge to convince the Indian teachers regarding the authenticity of this program as it offers tax-free pay pockets. 

Understanding the significance of education and government schools which stand nowhere near the private institutes of UAE, the country now is taking measures to improve and correct the situation by taking corrective measures. 

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