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Types of Social Media Influencers and Their Popularity

| Published on August 4, 2018

We all know the buzz around social media influencers these days, be it their blogs, Facebook pages or Instagram accounts, brands are chasing them to promote their products and services and their follower base today competes with celebrities. But do you know every social media influencer generally follows a genre and is then approached by brands as per their niche? Here is a look at the most popular genres.

Food Bloggers


Oh yes, those drool-worthy food pics flood Instagram like anything and bloggers or Instagrammers who cover food, definitely top the list. They are invited to different restaurants for reviews and they get to enjoy a lot of different cuisines and local foods.

Travel Bloggers


After food, if there is anything that a person is most curious about is the unexplored world. Travel bloggers again have a huge popularity, on Instagram, for the beautiful pictures they post from across the world and make one familiar with the places that probably we are not able to visit. But all thanks to their attractive accounts, one can take a world trip and admire the beauty right from the screen of your mobile phones. Travel bloggers usually get a lot of traffic on their blogs too, because they end up sharing detailed information on the places they travel which helps people to a large extent in planning their own trips to those places.

Fashion Bloggers


Dominated by the female bloggers, this segment has gained popularity very fast. People love seeing and following the latest fashion trends recommended by these lovely looking women and it is said to be one of the most paying genres in blogging.

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Fitness Bloggers


Now, who doesn’t like looking at and admiring those hot looking bodies and yes they truly are the most inspiring of the lot. Fitness bloggers enjoy a great fan following, all thanks to their workout and diet tips. Usually, these bloggers take the video route and Instagram becomes one of the most favored platforms for them.

Tech Bloggers


Though this is a very niche kind of genre and these bloggers specifically does only tech reviews, but their niche is what makes them stand out from the rest. They usually make people jealous as they get to acquire the latest from the gadget world and experience the best of technology and sometimes before others get to do it.

Tell us, which genres of social media influencers do you follow.

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