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Two Mcdonald’s Employees Lost Lives While Cleaning Soda Machine

| Published on December 28, 2019

Peruvian authorities on Thursday imposed a fine of $2.5 million on the local owner of McDonald‘s franchisee following the death of two employees. The cause of their deaths is said to be due to a serious security lapse.

On December 15, two employees were killed while cleaning McDonald‘s kitchen in Pueblo Libre, Lima province. Among them were an 18-year-old youth and a young woman.

In an official statement, Peruvian Police said that the woman suffered an electric shock while cleaning the soda machine. His colleague wanted to help her, but he was also electrocuted.

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Juan Carlos, head of National Labor Inspection Management (Sunafil) has said that they found six serious violations.

According to the statement issued by Sunafil, the franchise company Ercoz Dorados Operations has been fined about two and a half million dollars. Sunafil said the company already knew that the soda machine was defective, but did not take any action.

The Peruvian agency said the McDonald’s subsidiary failed to give its employees proper security training and did not conduct periodic risk assessments at its restaurants.

Arcos Dorados operates more than 2,000 McDonald’s restaurants in 20 Latin American countries. The company closed its Peruvian outlets for two days following the deaths of its employees and said it is collaborating with investigators.

According to Labor Minister Sylvia Caceres, the Peruvian government has improved business health and safety regulations in response to the case. She also said that the current system of one inspection of companies per year is being replaced by as many spot inspections as are necessary.


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