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Twitteratti Expressed Their Love For Durex Creative Advertisements On Social Media Day 2018

| Published on June 30, 2018

Durex is loved for its creativity, wittiness and the sense of using latest trends in their ads. Raising the product awareness through humor works great and Durex knows how to do it perfectly. Durex has entertained its followers on social media like no other brand and on the occasion of World Social Media day 2018, fans celebrated the creativity of Durex by expressing how much they are in love with the condom brand.

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Amazing advertising every time

My personal favourite was your spin on Valentine week

Someone is looking to find Durex social media team

How are you so good in making everyone laugh?

Really impressed

How other brands feel

Below are some posts by Durex that impressed us too:

On Sonam Kapoor’s marriage

On Teddy day

Wishing happy new year in their own way

Prevention is better then cure

Celebrating Yoga day

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