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Twitter Slams Times Now For Using Priyanka Chopra’s Ex-Boyfriends In Latest Ad

| Published on June 29, 2018

Media houses these days are very interested in the personal lives of celebrities and they use the popularity of these youth icons to get attention of the users. A lot of times it works in the favour but there are some cases which backfire and impacts the image od the company.


Priyanka Chopra is someone who inspires millions of females around the globe and her motivational interviews and speeches are something that people try to follow in their lives.
Times Now posted a newspaper ad using the names of ex-boyfriends of Internationally known Priyanka Chopra. Below is the ad that we are talking about:


One can clearly see how the ad makers urged the viewers to boost English news viewership amongst women. Using #WomenOnTop hashtags with channel’s female reporters shows what the channel wanted to do. This initiates a topic to talk about, what about those surnames? Why her personal life is used in an ad. This indirectly means a woman who is successful cannot be mentioned without mentioning the men in her life?

Why Priyanka Chopra has been targeted even after having so many professional achievements and making the country proud. This made Twitter users show their anger and took forward the #WomenOnTop trend.
It’s very distasteful.

This is really messed up on many levels

Slow clap

Absolutely disgraceful print ad

This is putting women down

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