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This Twitter Convo Between a Customer & Amazon India Will Definitely Make You Laugh

| Published on February 23, 2018

Twitter has become a great platform for customers to connect with big corporate companies. Earlier it was not that easy to give any feedback or complain about products and services these companies provide. Brands these days know the value of social media, and maintaining a good image online has now become a necessity for every business.
An Amazon user named Danish Malik ordered Kissan Jam and in return he got a bottle delivered which was already opened by someone and a big part of jam was also missing from the bottle. He tweeted about the whole thing and tagged Amazon India’s official account.

Hilarious!! isn’t it? Amazon was quick to reply to this with a tweet which promised Danish about solving the issue. Also, Amazon requested Danish to contact them through the contact us panel on their website.

But Danish had some other plans and he trolled Amazon in an amazing way.

Amazon kept its calm and praised Danish for his sense of humour.

This probably made Danish laugh and he once again tried trolling Amazon by asking a funny question. He wrote “I always gets confuse to choose between Strawberry Blast & Berry Blast. Whats your favorite now when you have already tasted from my Jam Bottle?”

Amazon again replied well and wrote “That’s a tough choice. When in doubt, we get both of them. Because two is better than one.”

He agreed with Amazon’s statement but didn’t stop making fun of their service.

Amazon ensured him that all orders are scanned for a quality check before dispatching. They tried to close the matter by apologizing for the mistake and even appreciated Danish for understanding.

Danish agreed to end this with a smart reply.

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