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TVF Founder Arunabh Kumar Announces Engagement With Girlfriend Shruti Ranjan

| Published on April 26, 2020

The whole world is going through a tough phase due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But it feels great to know that love is something that has only grown in this period. What makes us acknowledge is the fact that the man behind one of India’s most successful digital media house TVFs Arunabh Kumar has announced about getting engaged with his girlfriend Shruti Ranjan.

Arunabh and Shruti met seven years back when TVF’s journey had just begun. They have been dating each other since 2013 and have given ‘love in the time of corona’ a new meaning.

Arunabh even shared this via Twitter:

Talking about their relationship, Arunabh says,

“We met at IIT Bombay where Shruti was pursuing her MSc in Environmental Science and it was not our love for acting that broke the ice but the discussions we had on Environmental Science and Meditation. She started dating me when I had no money, no work and no one knew me but she was always standing beside me. After, being diagnosed with partial blindness in my right eye because of depression, I actually started seeing things more clearly and what mattered to me the most. While I was racing against my treatment to create comic books and mentoring the team at TVF, we both decided to make our bond official. I am grateful to God and my teams at Indusverse & TVF that the completion of my comic books, success of my company’s latest Show Panchayat and my engagement, all have come together.”

Currently, ike any other couple, these both are dealing with change in lifestyle after the declaration of lockdown. Their wedding is expected to happen later this year and the couple is busy getting things ready for the same.

We congratulate both for this and wish them a great future ahead.

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