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This Ice Cream Parlor Is Going Viral For Creating A Mac Chicken Burger Ice Cream

| Published on February 18, 2021

Fans of McDonald’s are already aware of its Mac burger and ice cream varieties. Both are absolutely delicious to savor, but not when eaten together. However, this Pakistani ice cream parlor creates sins for real by creating a bizarre ice cream flavor that will let you experience both flavors in one scoop!

In a video shared by Twitter user Darshan Pathak, you can see a video where the burger is being chopped down to be mixed with heavy cream which ultimately creates this unique ice cream variant. Check out the whole video to witness the ice cream-making process.

This ice cream variant can be found in Chaudairy Ice Cream Parlour in Pakistan. They are popular for making handcrafted, instant ice cream fixes with delicious fruits and berries. However, this flavor is definitely unique in itself and comes at a hefty cost for those willing to try it out.

Of course, this combination has many users grossed out.

Well said. We completely agree.

Users also resorted to sharing clips from famous movies and shows to state their concern for this newfound flavor. Some also suggested that McDonald’s in Pakistan should shut down because of this.

This ice cream parlor is apparently quite popular in Pakistan and has several outlets spread across the same. You can follow their Instagram page to know more about them and their new launches.

Would you ever try this variant?

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