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Trends, Editing, And Gift Tools Are Now Available In Instagram Reels For Creators

Instagram Reels adds a variety of creator-focused improvements, including a special 'trends' section.

| Published on April 20, 2023

The new features will provide creators easier editing tools, greater insight into their reels and much more.
Reels will now have more insights updates, faster editing, and the option to give gifts to favourite creators, according to an announcement from Instagram. Here are some of the key features announced:

Key Features:

  • Easy to find hashtags and trending audios.
  • Redesigned editing interface combining text, stickers, audio, and video clips
  • You can now better understand how your reels are performing with to new metrics such as total watch time and average watch time, as well as new rewards for reaching significant milestones.
  • Gift updates include a simpler approach to recognise fans and sending rewards to more creators throughout the world.

Discover What’s Trending on Reels

Creators are always seeking new content ideas, therefore Instagram is now providing a dedicated destination for them to get influenced by the newest trends. They will be able to view the top popular songs & hashtags on Reels, check how often audio has been played, tap in to use it, or save it for later options.

Making Reels Easier to Edit

Instagram has made it simpler for creators to edit their reels by combining video clips, music, stickers, and text on one editing interface. This facilitates a more visible alignment and timing of the reel’s parts to the appropriate events. The feature is available on both iOS and Android smartphones worldwide.

Reels Insights Updates

Reel insights have been updated to make it easier to understand how the content is working. Instagram has added two new metrics that make it simpler to access insights when instantly viewing the reels: total watch time as well as average watch time.

Total view time records the total amount of time spent watching the video, including any time spent pausing the reel to watch it again. By dividing average watch time by the total number of plays, one may get the average amount of time spent watching a reel.

Users will also get a notice with any new reel that follows so they can keep track of their progress.

Gifts on Reels: Improving and Expanding

Instagram introduced a feature called “Gifts” for Reels, which allows fans to demonstrate their appreciation for creators’ content and enables the creators to earn money. Fans can buy gifts using Stars directly on Instagram and send them to their favorite creators on Reels.

Instagram is expanding its “Gifts” feature to more markets, such as Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the UK, in order to provide the opportunity for even more creators to receive gifts from their fans.

The newly introduced feature will display users which follower have sent them gifts so they may thank their supporters. Users will receive a notification that their support has been seen and appreciated if they press the heart symbol next to the supporters.

So, which new Instagram feature did you like the most?

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