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Top Most Viewed Brands On Facebook In October 2018

| Published on November 10, 2018

Given today’s fast-emerging digital world, brands are trying their best to keep the momentum going on the social media and make their presence felt all the time. Although all big brands are present on social media, not every brand has a great viewership. Viewership most of the times comes from content that is both viable and interesting for the audience. Taking the case of Facebook, it is usually the most challenging platform, to keep up audience engagement, because, on other platforms, the viewership is limited to certain mediums only.

For example, Instagram is a photo-based app and the communication with the TG happens only over pictures. YouTube, on the other hand, is only a video-based platform. But when it comes to Facebook, it allows the content creators to develop a lot of opportunities to engage with their audience. From sharing photos and videos to opinion polls, contests and discussions, Facebook is far more dynamic than other platforms. Thus the brands that get the maximum viewership on Facebook are the brands that are able to crack the content code.

Vidooly, an online video analytics & marketing company has shared a Video Marketing report on what type of content users on social media are consuming and which are the most viewed brands on Facebook and Youtube. The report is based on the data of October 2018. Studying Vidooly’s report can help you a lot in learning marketing characteristics as you will get to know what strategies are actually working right now.

Here is a look at the 5 most viewed brands on Facebook in October 2018

LG India

With a perfect mix of interesting videos, offer based posts and engaging product stories, LG planned its content really well for the festive month of October. LG India garnered total views of 88.29Mn and has a user base of 6.96Mn. LG OLED TV, Water Purifier, Air Purifier, and Microwave Oven were the most promoted products.

Samsung India


The second most viewed brand was Samsung India with a 54.77Mn viewership. The page has a follower base of 159.67Mn. With a lot of offers, discounts, contests, and exchange or upgrade based posts, Samsung managed to engage well with the audience. Cashing on the festive season, Samsung lured people towards their range of mobile phones greatly and especially the newly launched A7.

Hyundai India

Hyundai India that recently launched the all-new Santro secured the third most viewed brand spot on Facebook. The re-launch of Santro and Shah Rukh Khan’s 20-year-old association with Hyundai, kept the Facebook page buzzing and the audience enthralled. It had a 41.69 Mn viewership in the month of October alone.

Mahindra Truck and Bus

With the new Blazo X launch and very segmented content, Mahindra Bus and Truck Facebook page is apt for its TG. From contests, to heartfelt videos and trivia and fact-based posts, the content is highly engaging and interesting. The brand has put in a lot of effort to focus on its TG and churn out the kind of content that a truck or bus driver would be keen to engage with. To garner 21.74 Mn views with such a niche audience is commendable for the brand.


By adding new product portfolios like Under Armour and playing big on festive collections by different brands, this e-commerce giant had it big on Facebook. It managed to get 19.7Mn views despite having just 5.13 Mn likes on the page.

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