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Top Vegan Beauty Brands In India 2022

| Published on February 14, 2022

Veganism isn’t just a trend now. It has becoming a way of life for a sizeable population in the world. With increasing awareness of cruelty that is shown in the dairy industry towards animals, people are shunning the use of anything that comes from or is obtained from them.

However, the food industry isn’t the only one that uses animal-derived ingredients. Fashion, beauty and many industries too have been using products and ingredients that involve the use of animals since long. However, there are many beauty brands today that focus on vegan, clean and cruelty-free processes and ingredients, and are equally popular. Let’s check some of them.

1. Kiro Clean Beauty

The products from Kiro are not just good for the skin, but also for the planet. They use vegan and cruelty-free ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E and Vitamin C and shea butter. They have a fantastic lipstick range and their cosmetics are ideal for everyday use.

2. Amayra Naturals

This beauty brand from Uttarakhand has products that are chemical-free and sustainable. Making use of the state’s indigenous plants like Pahadi Gulaab, Himalayan Haldi, Apple and Hemp Seed Oil, which are sourced from small batch farmers, they have a variety of products in skin, face and hair care along with handmade soap bars.

3. Disguise Cosmetics

Products of this brand are vegan along with being toxin, lead, paraben, sulphate and cruelty-free. They are also eco-friendly, and their empty packets are collected for re-cycling too. Their lipsticks and nail paints are particularly, a hit with the masses. Their eyeshadows too, are talc free and can be customized.

4. The Tribe Concepts

This ayurvedic skin and hair care brand has a range of ubtans, hairwash powders and oils, masks etc..all formulated using ayurvedic formulations.

5. Soul Tree

All of SoulTree’s products are made with naturally sourced ingredients. Their formulations are time-tested and are supported by German innovation. They suit the Indian palette and is the first brand to provide European certified natural products and makeup.

6.Earth Rhythm

This brand propagates smart and safe skincare. Their products are certified by ECOCERT and are cruelty-free. All the ingredients used in their products are hand-picked to retain their natural power and properties. Their shampoo bars and lip care products are an absolutely buy and worth every penny.

7.Just Herbs

One of the most visible and popular ‘Made in India’ brand. Just herbs’ fantastic range of lip balms and tints are worth every try. Their herb-based lipsticks are extremely popular and all their products are made from organic and wildcrafted ingredients sourced from across the country.

8.Daughter Earth

Talk about an insane amount of research and work behind every product. Daughter Earth makes each of its offering with intensive care and perfection, right from sourcing to packaging to even returning to the planet. Their work is seen through their products, like for instance their skin tints, serums and lipsticks, which have managed to gain an extensive customer base.

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