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Top Ten Most Watched Indian Ads On YouTube In 2018

| Published on December 13, 2018

Well, as the year is ending, YouTube released its annual leaderboard for ads in India. The leaderboard features the ads that received maximum views, shares, and love from all over the country. This year marked a significant growth in India’s viewership and got India the label of ‘Video First’ country with over 245 million active monthly users on YouTube.

Following the trend, brands capitalized big time on the platform and created ads that were loved by millions. Here is a look at the top 10 ads of 2018, cumulatively these ads locked in 18 million hours of watch time and 88% of which came from mobile phones.


Celebrating their 20 years of presence in India, Hyundai touched an emotional chord with this ad and made for the most watched ad of 2018 with views crossing over 220 million

Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant

Yet another emotional ad, this one depicted a beautiful mother-daughter relation and also conveyed a strong cause based message

India Bulls

This ad from India Bulls featuring MS Dhoni made for the third spot.


Honda released a new corporate TVC and found its way in the hearts of millions and secured the fourth position on the leaderboard


With a new product, Micellar Cleanser, this ad became extremely popular, especially with the millennials. Alia Bhatt’s youthfulness also helped it gather many views on the YouTube


Tata Motors

Tata Motors has always been known to bring out high on visual impact ads and even with this ad they were able to achieve the same. Based on the theme of chasing the Super Moon, the ad is shot beautifully

Kwality Walls

The ads showcasing drool-worthy visuals for a creamier ice cream from Kwality Walls found the 7th spot on the leaderboard.


Focusing on the Face ID Unlock, the ad became very popular and garnered millions of views on the YouTube



This ad featuring Virat Kohli resonated well with the audiences and made for the 9th spot on the most watched Indian ads on YouTube in 2018

Oppo F7

Last but not least, this Oppo ad featuring cricketers secured the last spot on the leaderboard for the year 2018.


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