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Top Ten Low Cost Business Ideas In India 2021

| Published on January 28, 2021

Who does not dream of making money by doing what they absolutely love to do, and where their passion lies? And if you add the bonus of having flexible work hours as per your convenience, as well as being your own boss, there is literally no better career option in the entire universe.

However, we are aware that it is easier said than done and launching your own business is as much a risky affair as it is beneficial if it takes off. You need to be extra aware of the pros and cons of the market you are thinking of entering before you actually put your money in it.

Well, you need not worry or be afraid of turning your dream into reality anymore! We have researched all the pros and cons of the current business and economy scenario, and put together the top ten Business Ideas in India, that require low investment but generate high incomes at the present times.

1. What Is The Safest Business Option That Never Goes Out Of Demand? Food Stalls Obviously!

Food is something that is a basic necessity of all of the human race. And especially being in a country that is so full of food lovers, having a food business is bound to bring you big gains.


Whether it is a humble street-side food stall, or a high- profile established restaurant, if you have the confidence that you will be able to deliver good food then you will get your guaranteed customer base.

You do not need to have tons of recipes or dishes available like an established restaurant chain from the very first day. All you need is a few experienced staff members. Let them focus on a certain number of key dishes that will serve as your main attraction, and you are all set to go! 

2. Clothing Is Another Necessity Of Human Beings And A Good Business Option!

A very big part of the economy of each and every country is dependant on its clothing and textile industry. And rightfully so, with clothes being one of the three basic needs of human beings.

So when it comes to starting your business with a low-cost investment with a scope of a guaranteed audience and big market demand, tailoring or embroidery business is the way to go! This business sector has been around for decades, with a majority being home businesses that take orders from both individuals as well as small boutiques.

Tailoring business is always in high demand, especially in the bigger cities, and if you receive good reviews, this sector offers you a big scope to grow, and open your boutique!

3. The Recent Years Have Proven Online Businesses To Be A Big Success.

With the recent uproar in technology and the internet taking over in the last few years, owning an online business will bring to you a great opportunity to make big gains. Even if you start out with a small business, you will receive ample opportunities to grow into a much large scale and widespread business.

Statistics have proven that online businesses attract more audience than offline ones, be it apparel based or grocery based. Hence it is no surprise that website developers and designers, Social Media influencers, and bloggers are in so high demand by online businesses nowadays. 
You will only need a basic computing system, a smooth going internet connection, and the proper software to set up your online business, and you are all set to go!

4. When It Comes To The Online Scope For Business, Let Us Not Leave Out Blogging!

Who does not love to be surrounded by their favourite subjects, whether it is food, beauty, traveling, books, or cookery? And to be able to make money by documenting their experience with the said object and writing their reviews is no less than a dream come true.

Whether it is travel blogging, beauty and lifestyle blogging, food blogging, or even movie review- based blogging, blogging is undoubtedly one of the most flexible and creative ways to make money from your home while doing what you love to do the most! The goal is to attract a big viewer base who will serve as your money source.

No matter if it is bogging or vlogging, which is the video-based option for blogging, all you need to do is to be entertaining enough to keep your audience base engaged with your content. Not only you will get paid by the platform that you are using, such as YouTube or Instagram, but you will also even have the opportunity to attract sponsors in your given field.

5. We Have Already Discussed Food Stall Options, But What About Juice Stand Businesses?

People nowadays are becoming more and more conscious about their health, and healthier alternatives for the traditional unhealthy snacks are all the rage. And when it comes to liquid-based refreshment options, healthy fruit drinks that have very little to almost no chemical preservatives are all the rage nowadays.

This reason makes fruit juice stalls that do not require a lot of investment for their setup a top option for Indian businesses in the current market scenario. If you add up Indian drink options that may not be as healthy as the pre-mentioned options, such as lassi, buttermilk, or sugarcane juice, you are guaranteed to attract a big base of customers, especially in the hot and dry Indian summers.
However, all you will need is a small space to set up your stall, and special care to provide the best quality products to your audience! 

6. As More and More Parents Are Becoming Office Workers, Daycare Services Are A Good Way to Go!

Indian mothers were usually homemakers in the previous decades, and if not so, the families were usually joint families where the grandparents usually took care of the younger kids if they had working parents.

However with the emerge of nuclear families where only the husband, wife, and kid live together, and both the parents are office goers, the only option available for them to take care of a young kid is to put the child in a daycare or a crèche.

The concept of daycare services have been around, specifically in the big urban cities for a number of decades, and with more women opting to be working mothers, this business is only bound to grow in the upcoming years.

7. If You Are Specifically Talented In The Areas Of Extra- Curricular Activities, Consider Opening A Coaching Centre For That

Indians have always been a huge lover of extracurricular activities, whether it is drawing, dancing, singing, gymnastics, or taking up any kind of sport-related activity. Almost every parent tends to put their young kid into such extracurricular activity training or coaching center so that their kid learns a special skill or has a hobby that will help them in the future.

If you yourself are skilled in any of the fields that we mentioned above, then you yourself can take up the task to be the coach, but even if you are not, then worry not! You can always hire a few extra assistants who are skilled in the particular fields.

Only the marketing for your academy to attract students is the area that will require some real investment. All you will need is an empty space, and that will be all!

8. If You Have The Capability To Make People Fall In Love With Your Cooking, Then Cookery Classes Is The Way To Go!

A lot of people, specifically housewives, have the skills to make extraordinary dishes that make everyone ask for more. However, the prospect of giving a big time of their day working in a restaurant with ten other line chefs or owning a food truck may not be a suitable idea for them. So will their skills go to waste? Of course not!

Hence this option of starting their own cooking classes is the best-suited idea for people who want shorter working hours or making money from their own home. This idea is becoming more and more popular in the urban cities as young adults often look forward to learning how to cook new cuisines or recipes as a useful as well as a fun pastime activity.

You will even have the option to carry out your classes from your home, or even take them online as per your likings!

9. Indians Are Becoming More And More Health Conscious. This Makes Yoga Their Favourite Way To Get Fit!

Yoga is something that will attract not only an Indian base but if you are particularly careful with your marketing techniques, you will also be able to attract a wide audience base of foreigners. Yoga has been the ancient practice of keeping oneself fit without the need for any extra or expensive gym gear and equipment.

Although it was a practice that was almost about to disappear, it has recently taken up pace and attracted to itself a wide follower range, that is both inclusive of young adults as well as the older population.

This business literally requires zero investment if you already have the skills or the knowledge. Otherwise, you can always hire yoga asana instructors to work on your behalf as well.

10. Indians Are Known World- Wide For Their Big Fat Desi Weddings. Are You Capable To Take Up The Responsibility For Them?

Indian weddings are no less than mini festivities. When it comes to attending and enjoying yourself in weddings, they are the most fun one can have. But when it comes to their arrangement, well the stress of taking responsibilities may not be the most fun affair.

If you are someone who loves to take charge and be in control of things, then this is just the perfect business idea for you! Whether it is a big wedding or a small one, you can always show your creative side and make things much more fascinating than was ever expected.

All you will need is a little team of yours and a good connection with a few other businesses, such as caterers, florists, DJs, and so on, and you are all set to go!

Starting a business of your own is an affair that requires a lot of fore- planning and having a strong mindset. And when it comes to investment, we hope that our article helped to provide you with a few good ideas that will be low cost to save you the extra bucks!

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