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Top Parenting Influencers In the Country

| Published on July 12, 2023

Parenting is a mammoth task, that requires strength, patience and love. The task of parenting is a huge challenge in itself, and managing a career along with motherhood and a home can be daunting to many.

More and more parents are turning towards parenting influencers, for product recommendations, parenting tips and information. Here is a list of some well-known parenting influencers in the country, who are working towards making the journey of parenthood a relatively easier one

1. Shivangi Goel

A certified yoga instructor and Pilates trainer, Shivangi blogs about healthy living, fitness and parenting. With 157K followers on Instagram, Shivangi’s has collaborated with a variety of brands like Hamley’s and Dabur.

2. Teejay Sidhu

With two Instagram accounts- bombaysunshine and twinbabydiaries, that have separate fan bases, the force behind them, is none other than Teejay Sidhu.

Actor, host and digital creator, Teejay Sidhu shares posts of her life as a mother of three, which are funny and relatable at the same time.

3. Shraddha Singh

Shraddha blogs and creates content about fashion and makeup, motherhood and sustainability. With her cute daughter Kiki who fondly refers to her as Mimi, Shraddha discusses a variety of subjects and shares her perspective on parenting, through her accounts on Instagram and YouTube.

4. Saru Mukherjee Sharma

Satrupa Sharma, better known as Saru Sharma, is a mom who creates content on topics like feminism, fashion, family and fitness. Through her posts via her handle ‘diapers_and_lipsticks’, she shares her journey through motherhood, at the same time inspiring other moms to embrace a fit and healthy lifestyle too.

5. Riddhi Deorah

A certified parenting and life coach, Riddhi Deorah is one of the most popular parenting influencers in the country, and your go-to person when you want to hear anything about parenthood.

From lifting up spirits during an enduring journey through motherhood, to buying the best books for your five-year old, to simply taking about emotional intelligence in your child, her account is a must-follow.

6. Durjoy Dutta

Novelist and influencer Durjoy Dutta’s social media handles provide glimpses of how he handles his journey through fatherhood.

Having collaborated with brands like HP and Amazon, Durjoy shares relatable, engaging, funny and quality content about the life of a father of two amazing daughters.

7. Ami Desai

The mother of three believes that one can have it all, if priorities are set correctly. A beauty content creator and a lifestyle expert, Ami Desai inspires other moms through her posts by talking about the importance of selfcare and confidence, something every mom needs at different times in her life.

8. Harpreeth Suri

Also known as ‘momwearsprada’, she is a shining example of how parenthood need not necessarily mean giving up on your self-care.

Her posts inspire change and she has been named as one of India’s Top Changemaker and is also the most searched Indian Mom blogger.

Harpreeth mentor’s contestants at the Femina Mrs Pageant and also talks about topics ranging from her travel experiences to lessons she learnt from her father.

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