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Top Marketers to Follow on LinkedIn

| Published on October 11, 2018

Marketers are always the ones who voice out their opinions in such an engaging and inspiring way that people look up to. It’s because of these marketers that we know some of the brands so well while others struggle to get our attention. Let us take a look at some of the best marketers that you should follow on LinkedIn

Jason Miller

Head of Global Content and Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn

Now he is the man behind one of the biggest marketing platforms for professionals. He is someone who understands the advantages of using the digital marketing and social media platform, at the back of his hand and he also inspires others to do so.
He often publishes a number of helpful and insightful posts related to marketing through his LinkedIn profile.

He is a well-known B2B marketing conferences speaker and has been named as Top Marketer in quite a few reputed lists like Forbes and has also received many awards for his seamless marketing skills.


Amisha Gandhi

Vice President of Influencer Marketing, SAP

Amisha Gandhi, a public relations and communications specialist, she is currently the VP of Influencer Marketing in SAP and as the designation suggests, she is using the influencer marketing segment effectively for brand building.

She is also seen regularly as a speaker at various marketing related events and conferences and shares her experiences through social media platforms.


Loren McDonald

Marketing Evangelist

With more than 33 years of experience in building brands through marketing activities, Loren’s title ‘marketing evangelist’ is true to his personality. He too is a frequent speaker at industry events. He was with IBM for more than 10 years and built the brand, created awareness, generated leads and revenue through leadership programs.


Pawan Deshpande

CEO, Curata

Pawan Deshpande, held research and engineering positions at Microsoft and Google before he set up his own venture some 10 years ago. His company, Curata is a content marketing software provider. Pawan is a well-known speaker in the industry and speaks on technology, marketing events, content marketing and he even teaches courses on content marketing.


David Edelman

Chief Marketing Officer, Aetna

His extreme popularity is proved by having more than a million followers on LinkedIn. He has held several leadership positions with different marketing firms and is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Atena. His blogs are worth a read and act as an inspiration and information tool to many. He publishes them quite frequently on LinkedIn


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