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Top ICC Cricket World Cup Ads & Campaigns

These campaigns fused creativity with emotional resonance, creating enduring memories in cricket advertising history.

| Published on October 10, 2023

Have you ever felt the thrill of a billion hearts beating in unison, echoing the cheers of a cricketing nation? The ICC Cricket World Cup is more than just a tournament; it’s a spectacle that unites fans worldwide. As the cricketing fever grips the globe, brands seize the opportunity to craft memorable ads and campaigns that resonate with the fervor of this sporting extravaganza.

ICC Cricket World Cup trophy

Top ICC Cricket World Cup Ads & Campaigns

1. Pepsi’s “Change the Game” (1996)

Let’s rewind to 1996 when Pepsi set the stage on fire with their iconic “Change the Game” campaign. The ad featured cricket legends like Wasim Akram and Shane Warne engaging in a battle of wits. The catchy jingle and electrifying moves left an indelible mark, making it one of the most memorable World Cup ads.

2. Nike’s “Bleed Blue” (2011)

Nike’s “Bleed Blue” campaign during the 2011 World Cup captured the essence of Indian cricket. With visuals depicting the diverse tapestry of India and its unwavering love for the sport, Nike struck a chord with fans. The campaign embodied the pride and passion that cricket evokes in the nation.

3. Star Sports’s Mauka Mauka Series (2015)

The “Mauka Mauka” series by Star Sports during the 2015 World Cup became a cultural phenomenon. This series of ads showcased the anticipation and banter between rival nations, creating a narrative that kept fans on the edge of their seats. “Mauka Mauka” became a catchphrase synonymous with World Cup excitement.

4. ICC’s “Cricket Ka Crown” (2019)

In the lead-up to the 2019 World Cup, the International Cricket Council (ICC) unveiled the “Cricket Ka Crown” campaign. The ad celebrated the global nature of the tournament, portraying cricket as a sport that transcends boundaries. It beautifully encapsulated the spirit of unity and competition.

5. Oppo’s “Jeet Pe Apna Haq Hai” (CWC 2019)

OPPO’s “Jeet Pe Apna Haq Hai” campaign during the 2019 World Cup presented a unique viewpoint for the audience. The advertisement portrayed cricket as a unifying force among the diverse cultures in India, underscoring the nation’s unwavering passion for the sport. The ad stood out with its compelling visuals, motivational dialogues, and an uplifting musical backdrop, creating an infectious impact that resonated with cricket enthusiasts nationwide.

6. Vodafone’s “Zoozoo Cricket” (2011)

Vodafone’s Zoozoo characters became unlikely cricket enthusiasts in their 2011 World Cup campaign. The adorable creatures engaged in cricket-related antics, bringing humor and charm to the tournament. The campaign added a delightful and quirky touch to the cricketing atmosphere.

7. Pepsi’s “Oh Yes Abhi!” (2015)

Pepsi’s “Oh Yes Abhi!” campaign during the 2015 World Cup tapped into the impulsive and thrilling nature of the sport. The ad featured young fans seizing the moment and encapsulated the essence of living in the present. It resonated with the youth, making it a standout campaign.

8. Appy Fizz’s CWC (2007)

Pepsi’s daring ‘Nothing Official About It’ campaign during the 1996 World Cup added a rebellious touch, challenging the official sponsor. This audacious and edgy advertisement was as exhilarating as a last-over finish, leaving a lasting impression on the minds of cricket enthusiasts.

Wrap Up

As the ICC Cricket World Cup continues to be a platform where legends are made and dreams are realized, these ads stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of the sport. They don’t just sell products; they weave narratives that become part of the cricketing legacy, echoing in the hearts of fans long after the tournament has concluded. So, as the next World Cup approaches, keep an eye out for the ads that will once again etch themselves into the cricketing chronicles.

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