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Top Five Ways To Find A New Job

| Published on August 14, 2019

Job hunting can be a real challenge even for the experienced ones. If you are a hunt for your dream job at present, here are 5 tips that can help you ease the process. 

1. Identify Your Passion 

Passion goes a long way! Knowing what interests you and following it may just reduce the chances of job discontent. 

2. Build A Narrative

Building an impressive CV can help ease your struggle of finding a new job. As you build your CV you should also prepare a narrative story of your personal and professional journey. It should include your skills and experiences and of course your take on your future. 

3. Promote Yourself

Market yourself in the best and effective way possible. For instance building a profile on Linkedin and regularly updating it with your achievements can help attract employers and opportunities. 

4. Do Your Homework 

Before you go for an interview- research, understand and prepare yourself. Learning more about the company, the job role they are offering, their organisational structure through its online existence will help you understand their requirements as you prepare. 

5. Activate/Build A Network 

References remain the best way to find jobs and should be the first option. Don’t forget to put in the references when applying for job. It not only interests the employer but also builds a sense of comfort and trust. 

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