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Top Ads Featuring Bollywood Queen-Preity Zinta

| Published on January 31, 2022

If you are a 90s kid you can never get over the smile of Preity Zinta. Yes it’s the queen’s birthday today and we as 90s kids can’t really keep calm! One of the top most actresses in the Bollywood film industry, Preity Zinta has won hearts of her fans with her bubbly nature and amazing personality. So let’s take you back on a nostalgic trip to the times when we witnesses our favorite Preity Zinta nail these advertisements with absolute style.


This is the very first ad of Preity Zinta in the year 1996 in which we see her carrying a bubbly attitude flaunting her cute dimples as always. According to reports, the actress was chosen for the ad after she accidentally met with the director at a friend’s birthday party and hence this beauty was made.


Back then being featured on the Liril ad was an achievement of sorts, and in the year 1997, Preity Zinta was starred in Liril’s commercial wherein she is seen to be dancing her heart out amidst a waterfall. This ad also caught the attention of Mani Ratnam which led her to be a part of the legendary film, Dil Se.


This ad featuring superstar Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta expressing their joy after buying their new car singing a jingle is a total mood! Let us take a look at this beauty:


This ad features famous 2000s superstars like Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Fardeen Khan, and Preity Zinta wherein the girls enter saying that their electricity is fused and that tonight they are going to sleep in the boys’ apartment. The boys are thrilled and the girls con them with a note that ‘MAUSAM GARAM HAI PEPSI KE LIYE HUM BESHARAM HAI’. A very simple and innovative way to get free Pepsi!

Scooty Pep+

This ad featuring Preity Zinta has an engaging story line to it wherein Preity is seen to be stopped by a group od rowdies of the college thinking that she is a student so they can easily bully her, but there is a twist! To their dismay they are greeted by ‘Good morning mam’ wish by a student thereby realizing their mistake and writing ‘I LOVE PINK’ which is the same color as the scooty. What a commercial!

Preity Zinta is indeed the queen of hearts as she keeps up with her bubbly nature and admirable personality that has kept her fan following strong and going till date!

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