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Top 8 Most Watched Youtube Indian Ads In May 2019

| Published on June 13, 2019

If you are a daily viewer of Youtube videos, you would know that YouTube contains a lot of content and depends totally on the user to choose what they want to see. From movies to songs, from real life clippings to documentaries, everything can be viewed on YouTube.

The recent #JCBkikhudai posts which set YouTube on fire was a complete result of the Indian viewers and no one else. YouTube is also a great platform for Indian marketing advertisements and brands utilize it as a great opportunity for their marketing.

Surprisingly, people do enjoy watching these ads too. Talking about Indian advertisements, let us go through a few of them which got maximum viewership in the month of May 2019.

1. India, Ready, Action!

Brand: Samsung India

The advertisement used strong messages, along with brilliant shots and breaking age-old stereotypes themes, in other words, it had an idea of instilling non-Indian minds with the true colors of the country.

This advertisement has received the maximum views from all the Indian ads at 97 million+ and counting.

2. Samsung Smart TV or Personal Computer?

Brand: Samsung India

This advertisement is mainly focused on the multiple uses of Samsung’s new Smart TV, in other words, Samsung’s smart TV can be turned into a personal computer as per the user’s choice.

This advertisement has received over 50 million+ views and stands second on the list.

3. Samsung Smart TV or Music System?

Brand: Samsung India

This advertisement is also focused on advertising Samsung’s new Smart TV but this time it shows how Smart TV can be turned into a Music System during a party.

This advertisement has also received 50 million+ views and stands third on the list.

4. Robert Downey Jr presents the OnePlus 7 Pro

Brand: OnePlus

“Discipline creates greatness; it’s a simple concept” narrates as the famous Robert Downey Jr advertises the newly launched OnePlus 7 Pro and obviously the brand’s “never settle” punch line.

This advertisement has received 46 million+ views and stands fourth on the list.

5. #RedmiNote7Pro | Dur Se Dekha Toh | #RanveerSingh

Brand: Xiaomi

Ranveer Singh with his popular humor and antics have always impressed all of us and in this advertisement too, he through his skills ensures that he not only impresses the viewers but also advertises the new Redmi Note 7 Pro beautifully.

This advertisement has over 44 million+ views and stands fifth on the list.

6. iPhone XR – Battery Life – Game Over – Apple

Brand: Apple

Apple’s this advertisement depicts the iPhone’s capability of tracking your real life actions and make changes in the phone itself, for instance, closing of apps.

This advertisement has over 37 million+ views and stands sixth on the list.

7. Realme C2: Desh ka Real Choice

Brand: Realme

This Realme smartphone advertisement shows the simple graphics and informative text of the newly launched Realme C2, in other words, mainly focused on showing the features of the smartphone.

This advertisement has over 34 million views and stands seventh on the list.

8. #ShowUs | Shattering Beauty Stereotypes

Brand: Dove

This advertisement is creative as well as staggering released by Dove. This advertisement emanates that nothing can be more empowering than telling people it’s okay to be who they are.

This advertisement has over 33 million+ views and stands eighth on the list.

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