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Top 7 Female Entrepreneurs From Our National Capital, Delhi

| Published on February 4, 2020

Fighting for your rights, striving to succeed and bringing in diversity, women are leading the way for a change in the entire society. Not only do we hear a new story of a woman becoming leader everyday, but we also inspire to be like them. The ropes that tied women and hindered their success have been cut and now more and more women are emerging as entrepreneurs.

Here’s a list of entrepreneurs based in the National Capital, Delhi, making India proud –

1) MobiKwik it

Yes, it might be new news for many but Mobikwik has Upasana Taku as its founder. She’s an IIT Delhi graduate and launched the app back in 2009 to support an online payment network in the country. Her other ventures include Zaakpay as well. A married woman, she counts on her husband’s support as her ladder to success.

2) Sheroes care

A smart coining of two words, She and Heroes, this is a community-based platform that increase engagement amongst women. Sheroes has the most responsive helpline for women and leads to a more supportive and caring environment for women across the nation. Sairee Chahal, an IMT Ghaziabad graduate, and budding social entrepreneur founded the company.

3) FreshMenu orders

FreshMenu is a renowned corporate name for healthy meals and salad delivery options, nutritious and tasty. Rashmi Daga, an IIM Ahmedabad graduate left her corporate job to start this venture, which now serves more than 30,000 customers per day.

4) VLCC visits

Who hasn’t heard about VLCC? The brand that takes care of all our beauty related problems? Well, Vandana Luthra is the founder of the brand who has received prestigious awards like the Trailblazers Award in 2012.

5) FabAlley time

A fashion retail platform with amazing content and design, it holds two strong female personalities as the founders. Shivani Poddar and Tanvi Malik, both DU graduates founded the brand and work as business partners and design heads for FabAlley.

6) JoshTalks vibes

JoshTalks has taken the world by a storm since 2015 when it was co-founded by Supriya Paul, who is also on the advisory panel of the Women Economic Forum. JoshTalks continues to work towards inspiring millions of youth for bringing in a difference.

7) PlanetAbled fun

Neha Arora grew up with disabled parents, a blind father and a mother who is a wheelchair user. Her life experiences motivated her to start Planet Abled, which works to organize trips and heritage walks for the differently-abled. An engineer who worked in companies like Nokia and Adobe, her venture is indeed one of a kind.

Let all these brands inspire you, let all these women bring in the spark in you and let the fire in you never stop. Entrepreneurship is never easy but when you know where you want to be, the journey becomes fun!

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