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Top 7 Tech Consumer Trends Of 2020

| Published on January 2, 2020

Living in the middle of the 21st century, technology is evolving faster than ever. If a company does not keep up with the new upcoming trends it is either left far behind or lost in the crowd. People need to understand the key trends faster so that they can prepare themselves and grab opportunities.

Here is a list of the upcoming consumers’ trends which will help in shaping up the future in the world of technology in 2020.

1. Affordability of 5G network and phones

The 5G internet connectivity provides superfast downloads and also speeds up the uploads. It was made available from the year 2019, but was very expensive in nature and was limited to a few cities. But in the year 2020, it is expected to provide greater coverage and affordable data plans so that everyone can join. 5G phones will also be available at affordable prices, Redmi K30 is already scheduled to launch on January 7.

2. Streaming of online games

The trend of streaming online games has expanded and more companies are trying to get into the platform which is resulting in a higher number of users. By the year 2020 Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud, and Amazon online games will start streaming.

3. Smartphones which can be folded

Smartphones that can be folded will pick up pace in the year 2020. With the increase in innovation and technology, it will become a trend among consumers. In the past models like Huawei Mate, Samsung Galaxy fold and Motorola Razr were available in the market. By the year 2020, it will be one of the top trends.

4. The ruling of Mid-Range smartphones

The main motto of the smartphone manufacturers in the year 2020 will be to launch mid-range smartphones ranging between Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000. Companies like Realme, Xiaomi, and Samsung are trying to diversify their products in such a way that the buyers of mid-ranging products get to leverage most of the benefits.

5. Improve in zooming technology

Till the year 2019, premium phones had the feature of zoom technology with the help of a periscope designed hardware. In the year 2020, we will experience a lot more improvement in the technology and it will not be restricted to the premium phones, but also in the mid-range ones.

6. Quad & Penta camera systems

By the end of 2019, we saw smartphones with Penta camera setups in models like Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. But in the year 2020 smartphones will have at least 4-5 cameras. This rear Penta camera technology will not be restricted to the premium models, but also be available in mid-range models of companies like Realme, Redmi, and Samsung.

7. Growth in the OTT platforms

In the year 2020, we will experience a boost in the digital media industry. The increase in video consumption will be a major factor in this boost. People are largely subscribing to TV shows rather than purchasing movie tickets. The reason why platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar are growing at a high pace.

Technology is increasing rapidly every year making the lives of people simpler than ever. It is ghastly taking over all of the sectors, continuously challenging the traditional thinking of the world.

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