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Top 7 Movies Every Marketing Professional Should Watch

| Published on April 23, 2023

Marketers must keep themselves updated with emerging trends. It is a profession that requires you to be constantly alert in a market that is changing quickly. This is one important reason why marketers must know how to unwind themselves and movies can serve as a good medium for this.

One can watch movies to escape from reality, to relax after work. But, some movies do have the power to teach and motivate audience to perform better in their professions more effectively.

Are you looking for some suggestions? Well, below are some of the best movies that as a marketer you will surely enjoy watching.

Best 7 Movies Every Marketing Professional Should Watch

1. Jobs

Have you seen the Steve Jobs movie? Everything in the movie focuses on his highs and lows at Apple, particularly his incredibly successful comeback to the organization.

A film that demonstrates that products do not sell themselves, you need to convince people that they need your goods to survive. You can learn a lot from Steve Jobs’ ability to understand what people want by adopting his character as a marketer or salesperson.

2. The Social Network

The compelling story of Facebook, a website that shifted tectonic plates in the world of digital marketing, is told in “The Social Network”. As a marketer, it’s fascinating to learn more about the motivations behind Facebook’s foundation, how Mark developed the company, the steps he took and all the fluctuations that Facebook went through as it grew into the social media empire it is today.

3. The Joneses

Every marketer should see this movie. The film focuses on a family of four & their relatively normal existence in a wealthy US neighborhood.

They had the outward appearance of being the ideal family. They aren’t even a real family, in actuality. They are actors and marketers who are utilizing “self-marketing” or “hidden marketing,” as it is referred to in the film.

The family members or their way of life are intended to serve as an example for others who aspire to live like them and purchase the goods that prosperous families use.

The movie offers an intriguing glimpse into how individuals feel and behave when exposed to marketing. It offers a fresh perspective on peer pressure and also how people, especially those close to us, shape one another.

4. Thank You For Smoking


Some individuals might believe “Thank You For Smoking” is only cigarette advertising. But, its central message is far more nuanced than that. The movie serves as an example of how a successful sales pitch can persuade anyone that a thing is beneficial, even if it has the potential to harm you. And that’s a tricky aspect of advertising: people want to believe what other people say and want to be persuaded. That is how people are by nature.

5. The Founder

The Founder dicatates the tale of Ray Kroc, a milkshake machine salesman who, at the age of 52, finds McDonald’s and grows it into the greatest fast food empire worldwide. You will discover during the film that the McDonald’s empire is the result of many tough business decisions.

6. Moneyball

This is a real story of a baseball club that has no financial backing. The manager modifies their player acquisition approach using math and data analysis. Sometimes the most valuable players are not the ones that first hit on mind. The team achieves remarkable success with the new approach. Similar to inbound marketing, success will be determined by analysis and data-driven action.

The movie is a fantastic illustration of how effective marketing can boost revenue even when you don’t have a huge budget. You may outperform the competition by analyzing important data.

7. The Pursuit of Happyness

The most motivational movie in this list, The Pursuit Of Happyness can mae you feel the ecstatic highs and tragic lows of his life as an unemployed, homeless intern parenting his 5-year-old son alone. His desire for success, tenacity, and care for his kid finally propels him in the right direction, making for a very happy conclusion to the film.

Final Thoughts

Watch these films whenever you want motivation or simply want to escape from your demanding work schedule. You will not be disappointed.

Have you seen any of the films on the above list?

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