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Top 7 Happiest States In India To Live In

| Published on September 28, 2020

Bored of the usual city life you’re living? Your place of dwelling might not always be the happiest place to stay. In fact, did you know there is a happiness meter that has recently ranked all the states in India? These following 7 states are the happiest in terms of people staying and are also mostly devoid of drama which includes politics, violence and humanitarian issues. Want to take a short trip to these places?


Mizoram has a happiness score of 3.57 points. It is a northeastern state, popular for its cold climate and hilly terrains. Most of the dwellers there include tribals who stay content and peaceful with their folk. The state serves as a major tourist spot during the summers and is a great place to settle with the family.


If you are thinking heritage, streams and lakes and good agriculture, Punjab is the place to be! It has a happiness quotient of 3.52 points and is also popular for its religious diversity. It lies on the northern part of the country and is easily accessible from Delhi.

Andaman & Nicobar

Planning an Escape to Andaman & Nicobar Islands? Don't Miss These Secluded  Islands

The Union territories compromise the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Since these are devoid of city life, they serve as a tourist spot for people from India, Sri Lanka and all parts of the world. It is rife with wildlife and exotic flora and also incorporates 572 islands of which 37 islands constitute dwellers. It has a happiness quotient of 3.47 points.


Coronavirus: Puducherry clamps Section 144 to ensure social distancing- The  New Indian Express

Puducherry is a great place if you need time off from city life. Head over there through a long drive from Bangalore or Hyderabad and enjoy the touristy vibe of the beach, affordable clothing and alcohol available at half the price! It has a happiness quotient of 3.44 points.


This popular northeastern state is quite in the fancy because of its cultural, historical and touristy benefits. Some of the best Tibetan food is available here. Unlike your usual metropolitan cities, Sikkim is peaceful and quaint surrounded by the hills and forests. It has a happiness meter of 3.43 points.


Gujarat is a populous state located in western India. It is brimming with cultural and historical murals, and is popular for a wide variety of embroidery, and dairy products! It has a happiness quotient of 3.42 points.

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh travel | India, Asia - Lonely Planet

Arunachal Pradesh is popular for its rainforest reserves, wildlife sanctuary and the culture of hilly regions. It is not as populated as the usual city but is occupied by tribes. If you’re looking to go for a vacation, this is the place to be. It has a happiness meter of 3.41 points.

Source: India Times

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