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Top 7: Easy-To-Settle Countries For A New Life Abroad

| Published on May 5, 2023

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and daunting. The prospect of starting a new life in a foreign land can be overwhelming, but there are some countries where it’s easier to settle into a new life abroad. These countries offer a combination of factors such as a welcoming culture, a high standard of living, and a supportive expat community.

Many individuals are putting their entire lives into a few bags and travelling in search of fresh experiences and independence from fixed residences. As remote employment becomes more prevalent, several nations are lowering visa requirements for both tourists and expats, and becoming more tolerant of the “digital nomad” lifestyle.

In this article, The Expat Essentials Index examines the top 7 countries where it’s easy to settle into a new life abroad.

1. Canada

According to the survey, Canada ranks 1st on the index For those looking to reside in North America but lack eligibility for visas in the United States, Canada is a viable option. Compared to the US, Canada has more visa options with less stringent eligibility requirements. Canada’s healthcare system is accessible, and it has policies friendly towards immigrants, making it an attractive option for those seeking to settle in a new country. Employment opportunities are also abundant, which adds to the appeal of this country.

2. Bahrain

According to the Expat Essentials Index, which assesses the critical factors for starting a new life overseas, several countries have been identified as ideal for expats to settle in. Bahrain ranked 2nd in the index, with approximately 67% of survey respondents agreeing that the local authorities are easy to deal with. The country also scored high marks for its ease of obtaining a visa, finding housing, and living without fluency in the local language.

3. UAE

Ranked third on the Expat Essentials Index, the UAE provides a hassle-free relocation experience for expats. The country offers convenient access to administrative services online and ensures easy availability of high-speed internet at home. The country is also known for its straightforward visa application process, and expats can comfortably settle in without being fluent in the local language.

4. Singapore

According to the Expat Essentials Index, Singapore ranks as the forth-best country for settling into a new life abroad. As a multicultural hub, it offers a diverse mix of cultures and English as one of its official languages, making communication easier for expats. The survey notes that Singapore tops the Language Subcategory. In addition, the administration is easy to deal with, and finding housing is relatively easy, but many find it unaffordable.

5. Estonia

Estonia, ranking 5fth on the list, is a popular destination for expats due to its hassle-free bureaucratic services and smooth internet access. However, the country only received average ratings in the Language and Housing Subcategories, which may pose certain challenges for those who wish to deeply immerse themselves in the local culture.

6. Oman

According to the survey, Oman ranked 6th in the index and was found to be a welcoming country for expats to settle in. The country offers easy access to necessary services for expats, and language and housing were also considered to be relatively easy to manage.

7. Indonesia

According to the survey, Indonesia ranks 7th on the index as the easiest destination for expats to find housing. The country offers opportunities for significant savings with low living expenses, and the language is also considered easy to learn. However, the survey reveals that expats might find it a bit challenging to deal with local bureaucracy in Indonesia.


In conclusion, moving to a new country can be an exciting but daunting experience. However, the countries listed above make it easier for expats to settle in and feel at home quickly. These destinations offer numerous opportunities for work, a high standard of living, and excellent healthcare and education systems. Whether you’re looking to start a new life abroad or simply considering a change, these top 10 countries are definitely worth considering.

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