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Top 7 Best CCTV Brands in India

| Published on December 27, 2018

With the growing crime rate and essential security threat, India is a growing market for the CCTV Industry. The estimated growth for the CCTV industry is stipulated at 13% from 2017-2022. At a time like this, it is very important to have established visual surveillance at both the private and public places.

Globally the CCTV industry is going through an unstable growth because of all the acquisition and mergers. This is because the industry requires a huge amount of money in Technology and research.

The whole set up of a CCTV system is quite easy. All you require is the right amount of cameras to cover each part of the place which you want under surveillance, a TV monitor to display the feed and a box that can receive all the transmitted data from the camera and store it and also aid in viewing the said data.
7 best CCTV Brands in India

1) CP Plus

The brand provides all the tech you need to establish a surveillance system. Camera, monitors, installation, and assistance. It is like the one-step solution to all your CCTV problems.

2) Dahua

Dahua is a known brand providing high-quality products such as CCTV, network camera, and HDCVI camera. The best thing about the brand is that all its products are anti-corrosive and water resistant.

3) HikVision

Established in 2001, the brand has claimed a lot of popularity ever since because of its robust and high-quality products.

4) Alba Urmet

Established in 1989, Alba Urmet manufactures high-quality products for the surveillance industry. It is known for two of its products, namely IP CCTV and CCTV.

5) TVT

With reasonable pricing, TVT offers diverse surveillance equipment that caters to your needs. And the products are of excellent grade quality.

6) Zebronics

Being the new technological products provider, Zebronics CCTV includes IP Cameras, AHD Cameras, and HDCVI cameras. The systems that the brand uses is smart and works perfectly.

7) Panasonic

Panasonic offers a large variety of surveillance products that are compatible with various surveillance systems. These products are made keeping in mind the different atmospheres where they can be used.

These 7 brands are at the top of their game in the CCTV industry in India. The list is created with no order in mind. So while selecting the brand, make sure all your requirements are dealt with.

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