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Top 6 Upcoming Smartphones Of 2020 To Look Out For

| Published on January 22, 2020

The year that closes a decade that has been filled with events, occasions, and celebrations. Most of these celebrations have been in the fields of healthcare, technology, and finance, where it is all about the development of mankind.

One such highly fast-paced industry is the mobile handset industry, the industry which gives us big brand names like Apple and Samsung. Not only have mobile handset companies come with innovative ideas to launch in 2020, but the intensive competition between them is also an experience to learn from.

1) Samsung S20

With the awaited launch on February 11, it would probably be a series combining of three phones. Thanks to the many leaks about the smartphone, one can hope to see a 120Hz display and an S20 Ultra model with 108-megapixel primary lens, the best mobile phone camera ever.

Along with the Ultra model, there would be a Galaxy S20+ and an S20 model. Each model is like an upgrade over another, with battery life available of 4500-5000 mAh, more storage space, and a higher RAM as you go up the ladder.

2) Samsung Flip

Another Samsung Galaxy phone, it is a foldable phone, something that Samsung has been trying to gain market share with. After the high priced launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Flip model plans to be a second attempt by providing better features at more economical prices. Changes like a Snapdragon 855 mobile platform, 15W charger, and display size might be a part of the launch.

3) One Plus 8

Continuing the trend to launch newer, classier and budget models every year, One Plus 8 comes with a possible 120 Hz display in 2020. There are leaks of two models being released, or even three, where one might even find a camera with a fourth rear available. Screens with AMOLED Display, 4000+ mAh battery, and quad lens camera have been a part of rumours, but one can only wait and see.

4) Microsoft Surface duo

Another foldable model which is even used by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will come with a Windows integration. Moreover, a dual display, ample phone sensors, and an octa-core processor, Microsoft plans to have its own high speed and smart tech released this year.

5) Apple iPhone 12

Another successor to the past launch iPhone models, this one might keep up with the trends and be a 5G supported version, have 3D depth-sensing in rear cameras and a higher refresh rate. Moreover, this model might see a name change, have multiple phones launched under it or even be postponed. With no official confirmation from Apple, we can only wait and watch.

6) Google Pixel 4A

A flow up to the Google Pixel 4 model, the 4A handset is planned to be an economical model, pushing Google to tap into the Indian smartphone market where it still lacks a decent market share. With features similar to Google Pixel 4, this model might just be slightly toned down in terms of display material, headphone jack availability and camera options.

So, start saving if you haven’t already, so many options to choose from, 2020 is the year that you get a smartphone upgrade.

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