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Top 6 Brands Who Are Playing The Content Game Strong

| Published on January 27, 2019

Every day, brands are taking up some amazing content marketing strategies and adhering to how influential it has become with the ghastly rising competition.

Content Writing is not about making an impact once or twice. The brands are totally aware of their strategies and plan to be consistent so that they never fail to grasp their consumer’s attention.

Here are the Top 6 brands who have been nailing the art of content marketing:


Successfully bringing out the foodie in you. They have been extremely creative with their content on social media making people eagerly wait for their new post. Without a post-everyday rule on social media, they have been still been getting attention on all platforms be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or blog.

The mantra of success: Producing limited content but great in quality.

Oreo India

Want to the crack the code of how to make the audience get engrossed with your content? Ask Oreo India. They got into an already dominated market by Parle and Britannia by starting a brand awareness campaign with #DailyDunks with Bollywood’s heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor. Currently, they miss no occasion to get the attention of their audience on their social media platforms.

The mantra of success: Engaging content and focusing the product with offline content marketing.


Amul doesn’t need a definition over here. Everyone is aware of their strategy and well who doesn’t hum ‘Amul Dhoodh Peeta hai India!’ They miss no opportunity to spread awareness about topical stories and link them to their product wisely. They create engaging contests on social Media but is very inconsistent with its blog.

The mantra of success: Amul understood the mantra for reaching mass’s heart like no one else. 

Vogue India

Vogue has a strategy totally distinct from the others. They have never skipped any social issue with their very well addressed content. Even after ruling the market of fashion, with the #VogueEmpower initiative they make a completely different impact on the women audience through women empowerment.

The mantra of success: Great storytelling.


Flipkart videos cannot go unnoticed when we are talking about Content Marketing. They are highly engaging and successful to create its mark in the industry. Want to promote a new offer? Flipkart certainly knows how to do it. Most of the ads are shot by child actors, which essentially increases the likability factor.

The mantra of success: Great re-marketing strategy, customer interaction, compelling offers and engaging content.


Want some spice and fun in weddings? Here’s presenting you Shaadi.com. With every aspect of marriage covered and wonderfully emanated in their content, they differentiate themselves from the other matrimonial sites. #MeriShaadiKarwao the most hilarious propaganda initiated by them has been very successful in reaching out to the people.

The mantra of success: Expressing human emotions for marriage them with a fine sense of humor and story-telling. 

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