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Top 5 Tips For Entrepreneurs To Be More Productive At Their Work

| Published on December 21, 2018


Business people are often stressed and pressed for time, but whatever one may do, a day offers only 24 hours and one cant be working all 24 of those. Making the most of your working hours is more important than how many numbers of hours you devote to your work. People often think that if you check 3 out of 4 tasks on your to-do list, you have had a productive day, whereas productivity doesn’t really mean the quantity of work, but the quality so as to speak of.

Here are some strategies that entrepreneurs could use, to be more productive at work

Track and limit how much time you’re spending on tasks.

One may feel that one is good at accessing how much time one spends on completing various tasks, but it is untrue for most of the people. Studies show that only about 17% of people are able to accurately estimate the time they take to complete particular tasks. So if you don’t belong to that category, either start writing it down or use tools like Rescue Time, which will help you assess how much time you spend on daily tasks like email, word processing, apps, and even social media.

Take regular breaks.

Taking regular breaks between work helps in better concentration, which in turn means you can finish your tasks efficiently if you have better concentration. So time used in taking breaks is the time you save in having to put more efforts into work.

Set self-imposed deadlines.

Researches show that some people tend to work best under pressure. So give yourself deadlines and take that much pressure in order to finish your work quickly and effectively.

Follow the “two-minute rule.”

Entrepreneur Steve Olenski recommends implementing the “two-minute rule” to make the most of small windows of time that you have at work. If you see a task that you know can be done in two minutes or less, do it immediately. According to Olenski, completing the task right away actually takes less time than having to get back to it later. Implementing this has made him one of the most influential content strategists online.

Hold standing meetings.

Normal people tend to laze during long meetings and thus leading to further extension of meeting hours. So if you wanna quickly discuss things over with your team, have standing meetings. Discuss matters to the point while everyone is standing, get better attention from people and quickly assign jobs and move to the next task.

Applying these simple tips into your daily routines can definitely help you be more productive at your work and achieve more for your business.

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