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Top 5 Most Popular Stationery Brands In India

| Published on April 29, 2020

Stationery brands are something that are loved by people because they are an important part of our childhood journey and even after growing up, a lot of people cherish the good feeling of having their nostalgic items with them while doing their office work. Take a look at the most popular Stationary brands in India:


1. ITC Classmates

Launched in 2003, Classmate is currently India’s most popular stationery brand offering products like pens, notebooks, wood-cased & mechanical pencils, geometry boxes and compass kits, erasers, sharpeners and rulers and art-making products like wax crayons, plastic crayons, sketch pens and oil pastels.

2. Archies Limited

Archies has become a recognized brand not only for stationery but also for gifting products in India. Archies always has an exclusive collection of items such as- autograph book, slam book, notebook, photo album and poster for children.

3. Kokuyo Camlin

Started in 1946 as Ink manufacturers, Camlin slowly expanded by producing other print and stationery products. Camlin is the leader in making art materials, fountain pens, marker pens, inks, colors, pencils, oil pastels. Camlin delivers superior quality products across the globe with the aim of “Let’s make learning fun”

4. Navneet Education


Navneet Education manufactures Non-Paper Stationery like pencils, colors, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, compass boxes and other art materials. They sell their stationery products under the brand name of Navneet, Vikas, Gala, YOUVA.

5. Reynolds

Reynolds is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of stationery supplies. It is mainly popular for its wide range of quality pens.

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