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Top 5 Most Innovative Companies in India 2020

| Published on March 12, 2020

There is no surprise that every year a new list is curated by Fast Company – the brand leading in leadership, technology and marketing news – for the world’s most innovative companies and subsequently India too! This time, the company has ranked some of the up and coming hotshots of the country that are changing the world around them.

Fast Company is a known name and hence their suggestions do not have to be rechecked! Their judgment is done basis on the number of applications received every year and this list consists of some known and some brand new names that you should be aware of, by now!


Innovative Companies

Meesho is a Bangalore based startup that is winning hearts with its funky aesthetic and innovative technology. It has a customer base of more than 2 million people already who get to try their hands in building their own e-commerce portals within the network.


With CIPLA’s milestone being achieved through combating AIDS, the company devices smart tactics to fight diseases with ease.

Urban Company

Do you need an electrician to install a new appliance? Or do you need a facial at home? Do all of that and more, that too at your own convenience through UrbanClap (now Urban Company) that has the best market rates for different kinds of services.

Why go to a local gym when CureFit can provide you with a sophisticated atmosphere to indulge in your daily training goals and also suggest meals for your physique through dedicated dietitians. It is the most popular gyming chain in India that indulges in different forms of fitness routines and also caters to the mental health of its customers.

B9 Beverages

Tried the Bira91 yet? It is a production of B9 beverages that is soon to launch even more tastes in alcohol shortly this year!

Apart from these, Milk Mantra, Udaan, Niki.AI, Ambee and Locus also made the list. Read more on Fast Company.

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