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Top 5 Most Expensive Grooming Products For Men

| Published on September 30, 2020

You might think most men do not care too much about grooming but that is absolutely not the case. Men around the world trust hi-tech brands to take care of their grooming needs including their hair and beard. It is hygienic and physically appealing as well. But can you believe that some of the most recognised ingredients can actually be very costly? Would you be willing to pay for them? Check out these favourite grooming products used by men that can actually utilise your entire salary.

The $100,000 Razor!

A Razor Worth $100,000 Or Rs 73.75 Lakhs

Would you ever buy a blade worth Rs. 73.75 lakhs? This kind of money might be a lot for a car, or just ample to buy a new house. Imagine there are so many people, who are out their splurging on this one a kind razor. It is called the Zaffiro Irradium and apparently has sapphires for its blades. The blades never lose their sharpness and girth and help to remove even the rough edges available. For what it is worth, it should definitely last for a lifetime.

The Rs. 7 Lakhs Comb

This company called Tomas Veres creates these authentic combs that cost nearly Rs. 7 lakhs. Apparently, the comb is carved from a rare tree in China and apparently has bristles made of 14k worth of pink gold. Luxury at its best? We believe so too!

A Rs. 60000 worth Shaving Brush

Contrary to how brushes made of natural hair are smooth and comfortable, a company uses oakwood bristles and a silver made handle to create shaving brushes for men. The hair is sourced from silvertip badger.

The Most Luxurious Bar Of Soap For Rs. 2.10 Lakhs

A Bar Of Soap Worth $2,800 Or Rs 2.10 Lakhs

Mnaufactured in Qatar and known by the same name, this soap doesn’t do much for your skin but the ingredients in it makes it special to use. It has gold and silver powder. That’s about it. Will it help your skin? Even the makers do not know!

The Rs. 1.54 Lakh Moisturiser

A Moisturiser Worth $2,095 Or Rs 1.54 Lakhs

Would you spend around 2 lakhs for a daily moisturiser? La Mer, a skincare company, has prepared this moisturiser formulated after 12 years. One batch takes around 4 months or so to make. Worth the wait? Try it at your own risk!

Source: MensXP

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