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Top 5 Marketing Campaigns Released In June 2021

| Published on July 15, 2021

The month of June has seen multiple ad campaigns come out, those which have caught the public eye and definitely been strengthening the brand’s communication. Here’s our scoop of the top 5 campaigns that have come out in the past month.

ACKO Insurance

On father’s day, the brand came out with a heartwarming video ad film that showed how the bond stays intact as the roles change over the years with the child taking care of their father once he grows old. The ad stirred a lot of emotions amongst the audience and was an instant hit.

Cadbury Silk

On world music day, the brand celebrated it by making a video compilation of individuals singing and playing the iconic ‘Kiss Me’ jingle. It certainly caught on and was definitely one that resonated quite well with the day, as well as the people. To The Universal Language Of Love, it made us all go warm.

Health OK

On Father’s Day, the brand celebrated the tough love that is often shared amongst fathers and sons. Revolving around the concept of how distance makes it difficult to express love on occasion, this heartwarming ad film leaves you with a smile on your face.

P&G Shiksha

This ad film brings about a social message and rings in the empathy one must feel for the girls who are not able to attain education owing to the pandemic. What highlights the distinction in privilege as well as the desire to learn, this ad film conveys a deeper meaning to its audience.

Pathkind Labs

With the message of #HumFarkNahiKarte, Pathkind put out an ad film that put out an important message with regards to the discrimination that transgenders face. The ad was well made and hard-hitting while keeping in mind the sensitivity of the issue.

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