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Top 5 Literate States In India Right Now

| Published on September 9, 2020

The literacy rate of a country determines the state of its people, and how progressive that country is in terms of different fraternities. India has some states that are more literal than others, and all in all is an educated country, with more and more generations of the youth taking the country forward every year. Here are the top 5 states in India with the highest literacy rate.


With a literacy rate of 96.2%, Kerala ranks in the first position of literate states in India. The male literacy is a strong 97.4% and female literacy is 95.2%. Some of the most educated ministers and politicians of our country hail from this place. No wonder it is more progressive than most other areas in India.


The capital of this country has a mixed culture and some of the brightest and innovative mind residing. It has a literacy rate of 88.7% with a 93.7% male literacy and a 82.4% female literacy. It is the hub of all things cool and is the most happening city in India.


Uttarakhand ranks third in literacy in India and has a literacy rate of 87.6%. It has a male literacy rate of 94.3% and female literacy of 80.7%.

Himachal Pradesh

Even though there is a gap between male and female literacy in Himachal Pradesh, it ranks 4th on the list of top literate states in India. It has a total literacy of 86.6%, with the male literacy being 92.9% and the female literacy being 80.5%. This hilly region is more educated than most metropolitan cities in India.


This northeastern state has a literacy rate of 85.9%. The male literacy is 90.1% and female literacy is 81.2%. Mostly infested with tribes, the state has some of the best schools available in that region.

Where in India do you reside? Are you contributing to its literacy as well?

Source: Business Insider

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