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Top 5 Inspirational Ads That Are Truly Made in India

| Published on November 21, 2018

Advertisements form such an integral part of our lives. We see them through different mediums, sometimes as hoardings, sometimes we listen to them on radio and the ones that have the greatest impact on us are those that we see either on television or on digital platforms. Some ads make us want to buy the products shown in the ad, some just entertain us, while some move us and inspire us in many ways. Here is a look at some of the best ads that are truly inspiring

Birla Sun Life

The struggle of a father who has a son with autism is very beautifully showcased in this advertisement. The emotions move you completely. Towards the climax, when the father loses his job but wants to spend all possible money for treating and ensuring a better future for his son is very touching. The product placement is just apt, without being loud in the face, the subtle message of being prepared for the future and the unforeseen is very clearly and effectively communicated.

Vatika Brave and Beautiful

Opposite of what Vatika as a brand promotes, this ad is a wonderful work of art. Long and bouncy hair is always a clear association with hair oil ads, but here Vatika has shown full support and encouragement to those struggling cancer patients who lose their hair while undergoing the treatment. “Some people don’t need hair to look beautiful”, this message makes you relate so much to the misery of cancer patients and yet that sense of confidence that the ad evokes is unmatched. A truly inspiring work of art is what this ad showcased.

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Fortune Oils

This ad by Adani won many hearts because of the simple yet emotional content that is displayed. The ad revolves around a grandmother who is in the hospital with her grandson and she insists upon feeding him his home cooked ‘dal’. She faces resistance and rejection from the nurse, until one day she gets home cooked food for the nurse as well. That becomes a turning point and the next time around, the nurse allows her to feed the grandson. ‘Ghar ka khana ghar ki hota hai’ was a simple heartfelt message conveyed through the ad.


This ad became really popular for the simplicity it was presented with. A man facing the issue of stammering goes on to become a stand-up comedian. The emotions and struggles were beautifully depicted. Making it relevant to the Internet-friendly times, referring stammering breaks to buffering was something that resonated with the audience instantly. Remains one of the best ads from Nescafe.


A beautiful bond between father and his daughter who walks and danced on an artificial limb is showcased in this highly emotional ad. The message that the brand wants to communicate comes in subtle and at the right moment. Encouraging your family to be independent and preparing them for a future when you might not be with them, resonates well with the unpredictability that life offers. It is till date one of the best ads from HDFC.

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