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Top 5 Effective YouTube Marketing Tips For Businesses In 2020

| Published on September 8, 2020

YouTube today has become one of the greatest platforms where you can do numerous stuff. While most people use this for fun, YouTube provides a stage where you can market your products if you are a businessman.

Here are a few tips on how you can –


This is the first step you need to follow before starting marketing on your channel. And the first step is creating a good channel.

Your channel is the base where you will be building your marketing empire. And thus the base needs to be strong. For that, you need to check what all less in the channel. If you have never used your channel for any uploads and stuff, then you are safe. It is because you will have nothing to clean. But if you have uploaded any content from earlier, then you need to check out what is viewer-friendly and what is not. You can keep those videos that you think will be good for your viewers to watch, for example, your introductory video, or any details about what you do, etc.

These videos will not cause any problems. But if you have anything it than these, you need to remove them. You can either delete them or make them private. So try to keep your channel clean!


Your content is perhaps the biggest thing that will help you in your marketing. Viewers will come to your channel to see your content and it needs to be good. The content is the major key that can help you to grow your Youtube channel.

Now the notion is that when people are told to make something good, they try to make it good by increasing its quantity. But they fail to understand that this may make it quantitatively guys but does not affect its quality. And when it comes to a platform like YouTube, quantity is almost nothing in front of quality. So you have to make qualitatively good videos in order to market yourself. The videos you make should be rich in information that should be all about what you are promoting.

And yeah, never try to make your videos long. People like to see shorter stuff and your videos should be short while giving the complete details. You can follow the 10 Minute Rule!


Yep, you need to focus on all other things other than your channel and the content as well. These are the factors which are equally important towards marketing.

So how will you market your products? How will people know about you? Obviously through your videos. Your videos are the main key for your marketing stuff. And thus for better marketing, more and more people need to watch your videos. And to attract people, you need to focus on three basic things.

The first one is your video title. The title of your video should be enthralling and enhancing. It should give a hint about your video while maintaining the suspense. So make it good. The next is your thumbnail which is the picture form of your video. So make your thumbnail awesome and pretty. It should be well designed and decorated. And the last is the video description. When you are marketing something, your video description should give all the written details about the thing.

Focus on these three for the best results!


If you want to see your business grow and want to do marketing in a proper way, you need to promote yourself along with your products. Your promotion is necessary too!

But that does not mean that you will start promoting yourself like you do with your products! No! Here I mean that you need to share your other social media handles too. You are using YouTube as the primary method of promotion but you can do some extra promotion with your other social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Through YouTube, you can post videos regarding 95% of your products. And there will be something you will not be able to put through videos. For such cases, you will need your social media handles. Promoting your business on Youtube is the path to success.

You can share your social media handles in the About section of your YouTube account. The about section is the place where you tell about yourself and that is the place where you can attach your social media handles. You can also opt for the video description and can include this in the videos you post as well.


Collaborating with other creators can help you a lot in marketing your products and believe me collaboration is one of the best ways of marketing.

Through collaborations, you get to work with other creators who have a reach on YouTube. There are high chances that the audience that watches you may not have watched him and vice versa. So through collaborations, you can reach out to a whole new part of the audience. You can plan some creative stuff with some creator and then ask him to give you a shout out. This will make his audience visit you!

These were a few YouTube marketing tips you can use. Adios!

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