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Top 5 Cities For Doing Small Businesses In India

| Published on February 28, 2020

India is evolving as one of the biggest startup hubs as Global brands are keen to take the benefit of our country’s potential. Not only does this lead to increased investment but also acts as an economic stimulus in terms of employment, GDP and expenditure.

However, not all start-ups succeed, with only 50% surviving at the end of a five-year run. Hence, it becomes crucial that your start-up is a game-changer and a pacemaker in terms of its choices, be it the product, the employees or the location.

Choosing the right location becomes crucial because it is the location that determines input costs, customer base and government incentives for any businessman. Here’s a list of the top 5 locations for start-ups in India!

1. Bengaluru

The Silicon Valley of India originally has hosted five unicorns out of the eight big names in the market. Bengaluru has everything you need, the right logistics, the right human resource and the right pace of life. With Wipro and Infosys right around the corner, Koramangala has slowly become the defacto start-up hub of the region.

2. Hyderabad

With the right institutions like ISB and the right Incubation centres, Hyderabad is looking to catchup with Bengaluru to be the next start-up hub. As India’s first hi-tech city, it has full Government support for new initiatives, infrastructure growth and incentives for new businesses.

3. Ahmedabad

Known as the hub of India’s textile industry, it is suitable for small businesses that want to venture into the clothing or textile manufacturing genre. Moreover, you have famous groups like Adani and Nirma also situated in Ahmedabad. Moreover, it holds the headquarters of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. What else could you ask for?

4. Bhubaneshwar

Known to be growing as a trading and commercial hub, you can join the league of small IT companies and start-ups like Mindtree that have set up offices at Bhubaneshwar. A prime location, the standard cost of living and Odisha’s plan to emerge as India’s top three start-up hub by 2020, it holds many incentives and benefits for a businessman looking for a way.

5. Coimbatore

The location can boast about two Special Economic Zones (SEZs), one in Saravanampatti and the other at TIDEL park. Moreover, with the Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) women initiative recently launched, it will act as a major support system for all women entrepreneurs looking for guidance at Coimbatore.

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