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Top 5 Biggest Brand Fails Of 2019

| Published on December 30, 2019

It doesn’t take much time for everyone to catch up to speed these days, news spread like wildfire and the White House under the saw, things have never been more dynamic.

A similar situation exists with multiple brands, facing allegations, doing crisis management or having old hidden spiders come out in the open, 2019 has it all. Here are a few big brand grand slip-ups one should be aware of, especially when 2019 is coming to a close.

1) Facebook

This one definitely wins the race. Each nation has its own laws that it wants to implement on the social media platform which has decided to put ‘free speech as its priority’. On the other hand, Facebook has found allegations against it in terms of terror attacks, cybercrime, and content breaches. The blame game just never ends with Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

2) Benetton

Benetton posted a new social media campaign with a major blunder in its caption. The campaign had three male kids wearing Benetton clothing and the tagline read – No girls allowed. This was not only disliked by the viewers and loyal customers of the brand, but it was also charged for not considering the female society.

3) Forever 21

Well, launching a special tie-up to send nutrition bars as a gift with orders didn’t sit well with plus-sized customers of the brand who thought this move to be an insensitive marketing choice. However, the worst comes when the company filed for bankruptcy in December, deciding to check out of around 40 countries and close 350 stores worldwide.

4) Jet Airways

Known to be operated by SBI and Etihad Airways, it’s last flight before being grounded was in the month of April 2019. Increasing losses, rising fuel prices, and tough competition has forced the company to consult India’s National Company Law Tribunal regarding bankruptcy. One of India’s older airlines, it has been a piece of tough news for many loyal customers to hear.

5) Amazon

With the new data regulations and e-commerce policy in place, Amazon already has a lot on its plate to fight against. However, many anti-trust probes into the brand regarding biased sales to customers have been in the loops. It has been questioned if the brand favours products by its one subsidiaries or third party affiliates on the website by directing the customer search accordingly or not. Amazon has yet been able to clear it out.

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