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Top 5 Best Places To Get Part-Time Jobs In India

| Published on November 15, 2019

If you’re a student or even a professional, as an individual, you’ll always thrive for more. Everyone has high expectations from their own work, from their own life and from their own creativity. The goal is to ensure you live up to those expectations and never let yourself down. Just continue to work hard.

More often than not, when you have a full-time commitment like university, office or business, it becomes confusing to find a way to have that extra push in your life, something beyond the usual. The best way out? Don’t look for something that clashes with your full-time work, find something that is more focused, less time consuming and falls in the part-time genre. Hence, extra learning with zero compromises.

Infact, part-time work is so popular these days, you have specialized websites to help you out. A few of them are extremely renowned and trustworthy:

1) Fiverr

Part-Time Jobs

Known to be a good place to start with decent part-time payment, a tough job in the case of beginners, Fiverr works well by aligning itself to multiple interests. It provides a well-sought list of options in diverse fields like technology, fashion, literature and even science under the part-time job genres.

2) Naukri

best Part-Time Jobs sites

Known to be the largest job site in India, Naukri not only has an extensive base of freelance work offers for aspirants but also various unique initiatives to help in the process. Initiatives like Jobspeak, Naukri Career Navigator, Naukri Learning are also a cohesive way to increase learning, especially for freelancers.

3) Upwork

Upwork website works to provide flexibility to match various agencies to the right candidates for freelance work. Fields like software development, designing, writing, marketing to even engineering and analytics are available for finding work.

4) Freelancer

Not just one country but Freelancer rules all of them. Just like the name suggests, it is the largest freelancing and crowdsourcing platform in the world for looking and converting part-time offers.

5) Guru

Started in 2001, Guru intends to reach part-timers and employers so that they can connect, collaborate and leverage from each other. Moreover, you get your job as a part-timer and then you can also consider for its wide range of promotional and support services.

So if you are hunting for a job. Head on to these portals and give your best shot! All the best!

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