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Top 4 Companies In India Who Take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Seriously

| Published on February 24, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is basically the accountability of a company towards the different aspects of society, economically or socially. It also means that the business which is engaged in CSR should also contribute to enhance the society and the environment, and make this world a better place in return of all the revenue and money that this society is giving them.

The Legendary examples of CSR in India:

In April 2014, India made CSR mandatory, following an amendment to The Company Act, 2013. According to the amendment, companies with a net worth of Rs. 4.96 billion or more, companies with an annual turnover of Rs. 9.92 billion or more, or companies with a net profit of Rs. 50 million or more shall earmark 2 percent of the average net profits of three years towards CSR. Here are the Top 4 companies that are trying to give back to the society in every manner they can –

1. Tata Group

The Tata Group carries out various CSR projects which are focused on community improvement and poverty alleviation. It is engaged in:

a) Social Welfare

• Women Empowerment activities.
• Income generation.
• Rural community development.

b) Educational Welfare

• Providing scholarships and endowments for numerous educational institutions.
• Facilitation of child education.

c) Economic Welfare
• Conducting various agricultural programs.
• Environment protection.
• Infrastructure development(Hospitals, Research Centres, Sports Academy, Cultural Centres and Educational Institutions)

2. Ultratech Cement

India’s biggest cement company, Ultratech Cement, is involved in creating sustainability and self-reliance across 407 villages through its social work. Its CSR focuses on:

• Healthcare and family Welfare programs.
• Education.
• Infrastructure.
• Environment.
• Social Welfare.
• Sustainable Livelihood.

It also has various medical camps organized along with programs like sanitation, water conservation and organic farming.

3. Mahindra & Mahindra

The Indian automobile manufacturing giant, Mahindra & Mahindra, focuses primarily on education programs and healthcare services to assist economically and socially disadvantaged communities. Its CSR program invests in:

• Scholarships.
• Livelihood training.
• Healthcare for remote areas.
• Water conservation.
• Disaster relief programs.

Programs like Nanhi Kali are run by the company to focus on girl education and Lifeline Express for healthcare services in remote areas.

4. ITC Group

A conglomerate with business interests across hotels, FMCG, agriculture and packaging sectors, ITC Group, has been successful in creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for six million people through its CSR activities. It CSR programs focus on:

• Connecting farmers through the internet for procuring agriculture products.
• Assisting farmers in converting wasteland to pulpwood plantations.
• Social empowerment programs through micro-enterprises or loans, to create sustainable livelihoods.

We would like to bestow our heartfelt thanks who are contributing to the development of the nation.

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